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  1. Just think, if Davis gets a hit on his next at-bat, his batting average will rise significantly from .000 all the way up to .042. If Rosenthal gets an out on the next batter he faces, his ERA will drop precipitously from INFINITY all the way down to 189.0!
  2. I'm so glad the pies are back.
  3. MASN shows the same number. It looks legit to me, but how could you tell whether the radar is accurate? Or were you specifically asking if the TV feed shows the same number?
  4. Yeah Manny rounded third to the max, and got caught in a run-down.
  5. Double play originally called, then reviewed (very quickly) and overturned, runner safe at second. Schoop with the go-ahead RBI.
  6. Oh, Manny, hahahaha. Good job, Schoop!
  7. I predict Cruz will have a 3 RBI day. And Schoop will have a 4 RBI day.
  8. The pitch that everyone reacted to looked inside to me, but I'm blind as a bat. (Pitch tracking screenshot also showed it inside).
  9. Baseball! I haven't remembered to watch a weekday day game in a really long time haha.
  10. Out of curiosity, do you benefit the same from all ad-clicks, or is there some kid of bonus structure for time spent at the destination or even purchases made at the destination? I guess the ads are generated based on my internet activity, because it sure seems to know that I'm in the market for home appliances right now with the ads it is showing me haha. If I buy one via click-through on one of your ads, does that benefit you any more?
  11. Do those PressBoxOnline.com links on the right count as ads? I have no idea what that is, but it's all I see that looks somewhat ad-ish. Maybe I need to turn off the ad-blocker, which I always forget I even have running. I'll click an ad, just because you said so haha. Edit: White-listed the site on my adblock and clicked every ad on the page. Hope that helps you
  12. Approximately 15 (20?) minutes away. I am glad I came to the board today or I would have forgotten it was a day game and missed it!
  13. The new formula is apparently what the official MLB box score uses now, but I have to admit, I don't understand the logic of the changes? A walk is clearly not as bad as a hit, because a hit can be for multiple bases, and can score even if it isn't a bases-loaded situation. Also, equalizing the penalty of earned runs and unearned runs doesn't make a lot of sense to me. And finally, why is a run scored via the home run any worse than any other kind of run scored? Maybe a little bit of an indicator into the pitcher's performance, in the same way that it's kind of related with FIP or whatever, but not as much so as it does. And then to normalize the scores because of all of the additional penalties they introduce for things like that, they have doubled the amount of points scored for getting an out. Just sort of... odd. Who decided that this was somehow the better indicator of pitching performance than the original formula?
  14. There is apparently a new formula called "Game Score 2.0", which is calculated as follows: Start with 40 points Add two points for each out Add one point for each strikeout Subtract two points for each walk Subtract two points for each hit Subtract three points for each run (both earned and unearned) Subtract six points for each home run Considering that MLB's official box score says Bundy has a Game Score of 100 for this game, and that using the above formula for "Game Score 2.0" it does indeed come out to a 100, it looks like MLB uses this new formula now instead of Bill James' formula. I have no idea how many 9-inning "Game Score 2.0"s of 100+ there have been.
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