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  1. No matter what the Orioles did. You were in for a rough night with that tandem.
  2. I thought he was better his first two years then started to rely on catch phrases and homer-isms the longer his tenure went, but I'll admit to not watching many of his broadcasts the last 3 years.
  3. I thought Bordick was worse than Hunter. I dont know how he kept his job for 9 years.
  4. When you're doing this this drastic it makes me wonder if moving the franchise is also on the teams thoughts.
  5. This is going to raise eyebrows around baseball no doubt. I didnt know the O's meager attendance in recent years had this much effect on the bottom line. I mean they were letting kids in for free.
  6. That doesn't bode well for the future if this is how John plans to operate business. Like I wrote earlier if another team comes calling, goodbye Elias and Sig.
  7. I have to think if he gets an offer from any other team at this point Elias is gone.
  8. It was obvious they were cost cutting with the trades and non tenders, but this is taking it to another level. They should sell the team and get that huge sum of money instead of extreme penny pinching like this. It just looks bad all around.
  9. People quoted in the industry have never heard of such a request before. This is pretty shocking. I really hope a sell is coming soon as the current ownership is just not working out.
  10. Hunter definitely has his detractors but his voice was decent enough if all you were expecting was someone to fill the air time. He was OK at that role. There are worse baseball announcers out there.
  11. I was expecting a much worse story than what she explained. I can see how a player might get confused by her being nice to them. She has many other stories the further down you read, including a coach of another team asking for her room number.
  12. We'll see. Expectations are going to change with the fanbase in 2022 when AR is ready. Lets hope theres a plan.
  13. When attendance matters again they'll need to do something to bring the fans back to show they are committed. Right now they have the excuse of the pandemic not to do anything.
  14. Makes the games interesting at least. I think O's ownership could throw the fans a bone and try and add a few good players. Top draft picks are nice but I really hope this is the last "burn it to the ground" season.
  15. For one day I guess. Only 6 weeks until Spring Training. So we got that.
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