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  1. From Roch's blog this morning Seems like spending isnt a priority again this offseason.
  2. Thats a good point. Otherwise no I dont think the return was worth it. Saved $5m and got back Jones.
  3. The Orioles clearly weren't joking when they promoted him to AAA. But he did have a bad season for 1B. We'll see what the offseason brings.
  4. He had a bad season at 1B by all standards, but if he moved to SS or 3B perhaps that would help cover up some deficiencies in his approach at the plate. I do think he should start next year in Bowie to regain his footing a bit..
  5. Its looking like it comes down to the very last game, but im still not hopeful AZ can win two straight. Foolishly assuming they can hold onto the lead again tonight. Would be something else if they win again tomorrow and O's lose.
  6. jabba72


    Low OBP but he has great range for LF. Power is nice too. He's a complementary player for a few years before Cowser and Kjerstad develop.
  7. It might come down to the very last game.
  8. Well this to me explains it. Some seriously low OBP's on this team.
  9. I like Javier Baez since im not fully convinced the O's have their next SS in the system. He would be an affordable piece. Good defensively, doesn't take walks but thats why he comes cheaper.
  10. Counting today if they win I think Arizona can finish 3-7, taking one or two in the series against Colorado. If the O's get hot or finish 4-6, nothing you can do. Hopefully Texas can play well in their 4 game series.
  11. I agree with this. Yaz will be 31 next year. His age is getting dangerously close to the end of his everyday career. He does have hall of fame bloodlines though, so you never know how long his career will last.
  12. I think the changeup speed is the difference. It increases Rogers effectiveness when contrasted with his fastball. Lowther and Wells need to come up with a slower changeup, IMO. Thats my laymen's take.
  13. I like Brandon Young and Zach Peek, two pitching prospects that finished the year in Aberdeen. Young had a 13.1 K rate for Aberdeen which was higher than any starter in the system pitching A+ or higher other than Grayson's 14.1 and DL Hall's 15.9. Though both of them were at higher levels.
  14. Its going to be an interesting offseason for Elias thats for sure. The rotation needs some serious help.
  15. By 2024 we should have a few players filling out our infield holes, so the lineup should be close to set. Still need to figure out 3-4 spots in the rotation.
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