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  1. Only if his arm and range suggest SS is too tough for him They are playing Westburg exclusively at SS/3B. The O's have Vavra and Norby (and Ortiz) who will probably get priority at 2B.
  2. Well, Urias is also a -3 OAA at SS (29th out of 36) with limited games there, so I dont think he's someone you want playing full time at SS. That will hurt your pitchers. But I think at 2B he could hold up better.
  3. According to barrels per plate appearance, Urias (8.1%) is the Orioles 2nd best hitter behind Mancini (8.8%).
  4. The Norfolk elements have got to him. He's not hitting much at all lately, but still has an .811 OPS.
  5. Martin had probably among the lowest exit velocities as a hitter in 2019. So im not expecting a huge improvement from him after he's missed so much time with injuries, but I thought his glove was solid at SS, which would be an improvement over Urias. Elias must has some trackman data on Martin's swing to call him up with no AAA time.
  6. Its better than striking out in all his at bats. But its the FCL. Have to start somewhere I guess.
  7. And Lowther has a 6.93 ERA in 7 starts in Norfolk. Not exactly promotion worthy numbers.
  8. Dan Connolly @danconnolly2016 · 10m Hearing Orioles are still working on a deal(s) involving relievers. Two industry sources said Orioles were asking for a ton earlier today for Tanner Scott and Paul Fry. Not sure if that ask comes down or someone meets it up. But I'd imagine talks go down to wire. 40 mins left.
  9. Jeff Passan @JeffPassan · 1h The relief market this afternoon is going to be completely bonkers. Show this thread
  10. Jones is going to get a year or two at most before Vavra and Norby are knocking on the door. His bat cooling off in Norfolk isnt helping his case.
  11. 2-4 tonight with an infield hit to SS. Just a routine groundball that the SS double clutched on. McKenna beat it out by a step.
  12. I dont know but if Grenier is the premium play at SS because Grenier's glove is more solid than all the players below him, than they need to do something else at SS. Like sign one of the free agents this offseason. I guess im not a believer in his bat.
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