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  1. He's got a 1.000 ops and leads the NL in HR's this year. I'd say he's finally reached his ceiling after a disappointing first year in San Diego.
  2. 6'2 and 6'3 18 year olds that play SS and CF. Its not a bad return on a trade for relievers. They look like solid athletes with a chance to develop, in a system that is getting better at developing players.
  3. Mullins 11th in all of MLB in Outs Above Average. Looks like he's 5th among CF. DJ Stewart is 2 OAA. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/leaderboard/outs_above_average?type=Fielder&year=2020&team=&range=year&min=q&pos=&roles=&viz=show
  4. I'd be floored if the O's brought in anyone outside the organization to play OF by 2022. Remember Diaz and Kjerstad will be adding to the logjam pretty soon. I guess they aren't particularly deep at CF with Hays and Mullins not exactly taking the position.
  5. A 30+ HR bat with no defensive ability and low OBP wont bring much in a trade. Very little if anything, but its possible a team could offer something for him to DH. Just dont expect Nunez to have much value. He has limited value to the Orioles for a reason.
  6. Im actually encouraged they are trying to work MountCastle into 1B If Diaz continues to force his way up. I've never really been sold on the Mountcastle in the OF experiment and now with Diaz seemingly getting closer to a promotion I'd rather move him to 1B, if possible. Get all the best bats in the lineup with the best defensive alignment seems like a win.
  7. Great find, you're right unless Mountcastle (27.8) has yet to attempt max speed running to 1B yet. Which could be possible.
  8. Who is faster Mountcastle or Reimold in his peak years? Reimold didnt get to Baltimore until he was 25.
  9. It is small, but there's like 5 other examples on the team, basically the entire lineup is having better than average numbers so far at the plate.
  10. Something is definitely happening when Cedric Mullins has a .772 OPS and DJ Stewart's is 1.255. If its the high speed cams in Bowie telling them to make subtle changes in their swing plane or stance. Im not sure. Thats what im guessing it is. Even though every other team can also copy this approach, I like that Baltimore is teaching it wisely at the moment.
  11. 10.0-SO9 in 117 Innings last year. Im sure that got Elias attention.
  12. Unbelievably small sample size. Mullins bats 9th for a reason...
  13. The fact that neither one is able to move out Smith in LF is a little concerning. Maybe neither one is showing much in camp.
  14. We'll see what happens. Its obvious Hyde has given up on him. Maybe a mid-season retirement is in the works.
  15. I've never even heard of this unwritten rule before, so for both managers to act disappointed to swing at 3-0 count is puzzling. Why is this an unwritten rule? This is just another outdated example of managers injecting themselves into the game, nothing more.
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