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  1. I'd like to know an example of this other than possibly deferring to Jones not playing deep in the OF. Im not disagreeing, I just know the O's were doing aggressive shifting before it caught on the rest of the league, which suggests Buck had to accept analytics to make that decision. Chris Davis contract would be one decision if Buck was for that. That was a big one.
  2. I remember reading the O's and Tampa lead the majors in infield shifts in 2012 and a few teams wanted to ban it. I dont know if Buck was doing it earlier then that.
  3. jabba72

    Farewell OH

    Your prospect valuations were too good not to be paid for it. I think you'll serve the O's pretty well.
  4. I definitely thought he was too old to give a DH a 4 year deal, so I never saw this production coming. I cant imagine how he did it clean, but whatever, he bucked the odds, so good for him.
  5. As the replacement for Villar, this signing definitely gives me a shudder. I guess we're going for the all time loss record.
  6. I wouldnt be against it seeing how the team looks to be a basement dwellar once again. If Javier is the highest upside Rule 5, then you have to make that decision. Detroit picks ahead of us anyway.
  7. Roberts time with the Orioles had long passed since 2014. What makes me feel old is Mussina's last season being 2009. I can easily remember watching his starts on TV his rookie season.
  8. If it comes down to Arrieta, which it might, then im not sure Buck will be getting it.
  9. I hope Buck gets the Phillies job.
  10. Could be wrong here but wouldnt Duquette and Brady be the ones who should have implemented that? Maybe Buck was opposed and I missed it.
  11. I think he did up until he got fired. All those contracts he gave out after Boston won the WS?
  12. Well going by Roch's tweet, they are strongly considering opening '20 with Hays in CF...so Hays has that going for him. Mountcastle, I dunno if they've figured out what position he's going to play yet.
  13. Delay his service clock? Probably. He hasn't played much OF in Norfolk.
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