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  1. If it comes down to Arrieta, which it might, then im not sure Buck will be getting it.
  2. I hope Buck gets the Phillies job.
  3. Could be wrong here but wouldnt Duquette and Brady be the ones who should have implemented that? Maybe Buck was opposed and I missed it.
  4. I think he did up until he got fired. All those contracts he gave out after Boston won the WS?
  5. Well going by Roch's tweet, they are strongly considering opening '20 with Hays in CF...so Hays has that going for him. Mountcastle, I dunno if they've figured out what position he's going to play yet.
  6. Delay his service clock? Probably. He hasn't played much OF in Norfolk.
  7. thanks Agree. I respected his decision to stick it out on a bad team for his family's comfort.
  8. Does the NFL or NBA not give pensions and 401k's? If so, I dont really understand Jones comments.
  9. The future O's OF is probably Hays, Diaz and Mountcastle, with Santander or Stewart ready to step in if they underwhelm.
  10. Theres no rush to promote Toby Welk. He'll be in Delmarva soon enough next year. I am wondering if Rutschman starts out in Delmarva next season.
  11. 21st rd pick. Probably not seen as a high ceiling prospect.
  12. Stewart was promoted. GrayRod and Rom I think they are slow playing. Not sure about anyone else.
  13. .462 with 6 BB"s in his last 10 games. I would say he deserved a promotion. Its good to know Elias will move a player quickly if he's dominating.
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