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  1. I saw that tweet but im not sure how that exit velocity ranks in comparison to the rest of the draft, I suspect it may be 2nd to Tork. Im just hoping they see more tools besides power. Kjerstad did OPS 1.300 in 78 PA's this year, which is an astounding number.
  2. Does anyone think that Luke was heavily involved in scouting these two picks? Im willing to give the FO the benefit seeing as they use the most state of the art methods to scouting amateurs. Obviously they think Kjerstad his a very high ceiling. I'd really like to hear from Luke about this.
  3. OPS'd 1.300 in 78 PA's (7 W 9 K's) this year before the season stopped, so there's that. They must have really liked what they saw in those 78 PA's.
  4. Really hope minor league baseball comes back as well. That will probably be more interesting for me this year because of the O's struggles. It will definitely take some getting used to seeing no fans, social distancing among players etc.
  5. Not really. Seems like he's been around forever. His career lasted alot longer than I thought it would, after the O's granted him Free agency after '12.
  6. I remember Kaline and Palmer talking about a game they played against each other probably 15 years ago because Kaline said he was 70 during the telecast. But Palmer said Kaline was the much better player when they faced each other.
  7. I dont think testing everyone is possible by next fall. I think a vaccine or herd immunity (80% infected) is the only answer.
  8. If we stay in lockdown through May, and the Virus dissipates in the humidity of the summer months. Whats going to stop it from infecting people once the lockdown ends?
  9. Its smokers too, but I am reading how younger healthy people are getting terribly ill from this, but are still surviving. Supposedly type A blood makes you more likely to get infected.
  10. Anyone who smokes with this virus unfortunately may have some problems. This is definitely a smoker/vapers worst nightmare.
  11. DJ Stewart. depending on if he's in the lineup everyday. Hays had a .299 OBP in 378 PA's for Norfolk last year. Thats not a typo.
  12. If everyone used these style toilets at home there would be no need for TP at all. The water faucet is used for rinsing.
  13. Yeah but its going to result in more deaths because the hospitals are going to be full soon. The US wants the virus dramatically slowed so that people get better healthcare. The downside is everything being cancelled or will be.
  14. Read in an article today that the average American uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year. Thats one roll per person every 3.5 days for the entire country. Thats ridiculous and makes sense why the public is in such a toilet paper panic. They use tons of it.
  15. All we have to do is look at China to see what will happen in 8 weeks time. They're still quarantining, without much hope for it ending.
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