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  1. They might yet do something with Means if he keeps pitching well.
  2. No reason to start his service clock yet. This team wont go anywhere with him on it.
  3. This year HR's are at 1.2 per team, last year 1.3 and 2019, 1.4. So there's still lots of time for warmer weather to make an impact. So that number will likely rise in the coming months.
  4. One of them has to sit when Hays comes back. Lineup crunch.
  5. Well its obvious Hyde prefers range in a CF, he likes if the OF gets to more balls even if Mullins has a weak arm.
  6. In a 5th starters role I think Lopez could do fine, assuming what he showed last night continues.
  7. With McKenna in RF and Santander as DH. I guess Hyde's willing to take some lumps to see how well Mountcastle can develop.
  8. Mountcastle has probably played himself out of the LF picture as long as they have Stewart or Hays ( or Diaz) on the roster.
  9. What's crazy is La Russa was an MLB manager 42 years ago.
  10. He's not missing many bats. Anything in the strike zone seems to get hit hard.
  11. I dont think they feel bad about sending him out there until some AAA guys show their ready.
  12. They like his stuff and think the high speed cams can harness his natural ability. Lopez has a change and curveball, plus a mid 90's fastball. He's got the pitches, he just needs some tweaking and they think eventually it will work. There isnt really any other great options to replace him.
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