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  1. Its smokers too, but I am reading how younger healthy people are getting terribly ill from this, but are still surviving. Supposedly type A blood makes you more likely to get infected.
  2. Anyone who smokes with this virus unfortunately may have some problems. This is definitely a smoker/vapers worst nightmare.
  3. DJ Stewart. depending on if he's in the lineup everyday. Hays had a .299 OBP in 378 PA's for Norfolk last year. Thats not a typo.
  4. If everyone used these style toilets at home there would be no need for TP at all. The water faucet is used for rinsing.
  5. Yeah but its going to result in more deaths because the hospitals are going to be full soon. The US wants the virus dramatically slowed so that people get better healthcare. The downside is everything being cancelled or will be.
  6. Read in an article today that the average American uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year. Thats one roll per person every 3.5 days for the entire country. Thats ridiculous and makes sense why the public is in such a toilet paper panic. They use tons of it.
  7. All we have to do is look at China to see what will happen in 8 weeks time. They're still quarantining, without much hope for it ending.
  8. It hasnt left China, its just waiting for everyone to come back outside. I've read they are getting antsy to get their economic engine back up again, but they know all it will do is spread the virus. Im not sure what the answer is for them until some effective drugs come out.
  9. Im guessing no 2020. There is an ebola drug that is said to be working well on the ill patients but they want to ramp it up to a larger scale before they go anywhere else with it. But I think Corona can be dealt with using medication but maybe no vaccine.
  10. We'll see. Right now I dont expect to see any baseball in 2020.
  11. If Spring Training is now gone, I expect the entire season may be gone too.
  12. I've read all viruses tend to mutate and downgrade to less dangerous over time. So even the ebola which mutated many times during the 2014 outbreak, was probably mutating to something less dangerous in an effort to keep its hosts alive.
  13. Agree, if 1 million people get it at the same time there is no healthcare available for that many people. Italy is overwhelmed with 10000 sick. I dont know what the threshold is for US. But this could soon happen in California and NYC.
  14. I think they are buying time to save the older generation so they can develop a vaccine. I dont think containment is possible at this point. Just slowing it down is the main goal.
  15. Seems unlikely they play games at this point. When does it restart is the question I want to know.
  16. He was caught afterwards but I dont know the timeline. It looks like he's scolding someone.
  17. The Palmeiro incident was definitely a down point of that whole era. I honestly never wanted to sign him back, but with his 3000 hits countdown and cheap price tag, I can see why the O's wanted him.
  18. Matt Nokes and Andy Van Slyke for me always stood out as a last gasp duo in the 95' season. Nokes was done after 26 games but Van Slyke went on to have 247 PA's with the Phils, putting up 0.4 WAR. So I guess it wasnt technically his last gasp, but the O's cut him, so he must have been pretty bad.
  19. Agree. Its frustrating that he's 25 and still not ready, at this point I doubt its a service time thing. Its more of an inability to stay in the game very long in the minors, and starting out cold in camp.
  20. Yeah, well I prefer the 2013 Davis over last years edition. If Weams is saying his bat looks slow (admittedly it kind of always did) then I'll take his word for it. We'll all be finding out in April. When exit velocity and launch angle will tell the tale
  21. I haven't watched any ST games, so im going solely off of Weams...but I do trust his take on Davis.
  22. So its all smoke and mirrors then. Guess im not surprised.
  23. No doubt thats some great info Frobby, but its going to take some real games for me to be convinced. Maybe some launch angle numbers when they become available will help explain if Davis has improved.
  24. After reading more comments in the thread I can easily see the argument for not extending them. I just liked the idea of team control through 8 years, even if there was an overpay up front.
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