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  1. I think he did up until he got fired. All those contracts he gave out after Boston won the WS?
  2. Well going by Roch's tweet, they are strongly considering opening '20 with Hays in CF...so Hays has that going for him. Mountcastle, I dunno if they've figured out what position he's going to play yet.
  3. Delay his service clock? Probably. He hasn't played much OF in Norfolk.
  4. thanks Agree. I respected his decision to stick it out on a bad team for his family's comfort.
  5. Does the NFL or NBA not give pensions and 401k's? If so, I dont really understand Jones comments.
  6. The future O's OF is probably Hays, Diaz and Mountcastle, with Santander or Stewart ready to step in if they underwhelm.
  7. Theres no rush to promote Toby Welk. He'll be in Delmarva soon enough next year. I am wondering if Rutschman starts out in Delmarva next season.
  8. 21st rd pick. Probably not seen as a high ceiling prospect.
  9. Stewart was promoted. GrayRod and Rom I think they are slow playing. Not sure about anyone else.
  10. .462 with 6 BB"s in his last 10 games. I would say he deserved a promotion. Its good to know Elias will move a player quickly if he's dominating.
  11. 28 SB's on pace for nearly 20 HR's, I think alot of teams would take that. He's having a great season and the O's would look foolish not to bring him back.
  12. We had Joey Rickard as our 4th OF when Yaz was traded, who also has better stats in AAA last year. I like Yaz but he never did anything in Norfolk that suggests this breakout was going to come. Yaz does look the part of a major leaguer, unlike say Stewart, who is also a much higher draft pick. Yaz' 14th round draft status meant he was always going to be behind the higher drafted corner OF's and rule 5 picks.
  13. High K rate, low walk rate since he moved to the bullpen.
  14. Has Akin been skipped over in prospect status by these 3? Akin very easily could be called up sometime next year.
  15. Still to be determined if his bat will play at 1B. Doesn't seem like the O's are interested in getting him much time in the OF.
  16. Post All Star, they are 8th in the AL in Runs scored. Not terrible, just slightly below average in the AL. Pre All Star, they are 14th out of 15 AL teams in runs scored.
  17. This newfound velocity is unusual isnt it? Has he tweaked his delivery or something?
  18. Right now it seems Mountcastle is either at 1B or LF. Basically another Mancini.
  19. A .309 OBP and .787 OPS while being the primary DH just isnt good enough. Mountcastle might have a spot open for him next year after all.
  20. Hays is definitely in the picture for CF next year. Longterm? Who knows.
  21. Outside of Hays, I dont see anyone in the minors who can or will play CF everyday for the Orioles, and with Hays slumping with the bat, might not be ready until mid May 2020. Prado, Bellony and Acevedo in the DSL are the next likeliest IMO, unless McKenna really develops next year.
  22. The coaches probably see the velocity drop and dont see the point in driving up his pitch counts.
  23. Saw that. Also had a walk two games ago. Hopefully someone told him his "never walk" approach was not going to be successful going forward at the next level.
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