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  1. 4 hours ago, ShaneDawg85 said:

    Getting old sucks, 2014 feels like it was just yesterday.  Brian Roberts was still playing, the Orioles were good, I wasn't married xD.  Now, Brian Roberts is HOF eligible, the Orioles aren't good, and I'm coming up on a year of marriage.

    Roberts time with the Orioles had long passed since 2014. What makes me feel old is Mussina's last season being 2009. I can easily remember watching his starts on TV his rookie season. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Frobby said:

    “Phillies owner John Middleton has reportedly been polling players on their opinions of veteran manager Buck Showalter, according to Jon Heyman of Fancred.


    “Heyman notes that Middleton did the same thing before firing Gabe Kapler, and that Showalter has the well-known links to Phillies president Andy MacPhail and other members of the front office.

    “The only players on the Phillies current roster Showalter has previously managed are Jake Arrieta and reliever Tommy Hunter, who is a free agent this offseason.”

    I doubt Arrieta is going to love the idea.


    If it comes down to Arrieta, which it might, then im not sure Buck will be getting it. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Can_of_corn said:

    I think his resistance to analytics will hurt his prospects.


    Could be wrong here but wouldnt Duquette and Brady be the ones who should have implemented that? Maybe Buck was opposed and I missed it. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Can_of_corn said:

    But I keep hearing that term being used with Elias and not with those other names.  No one is suggesting that Dombrowski had full control.

    I think he did up until he got fired. All those contracts he gave out after Boston won the WS? 

  5. 23 minutes ago, birdwatcher55 said:

    I think Ryan is going to get the Vlad  Jr. Treatment.

    Delay his service clock? Probably. He hasn't played much OF in Norfolk. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, DrungoHazewood said:

    With a little patience and not starting his clock too early Mountcastle just might be part of a good 2026 Orioles team.  Jace Peterson's only chance to be on the 2026 Orioles is as a coach.  This year's on-field performance just doesn't matter, and Mountcastle isn't being hurt one bit by spending the year with the Tides.  He has plenty of time to adjust to MLB pitching before the O's are any good.

    Image result for redford yes gif

  7. 8 minutes ago, Il BuonO said:



    6 minutes ago, TonySoprano said:

    The Phillies ended up 2 below .500, and Adam Jones wasn't going to change that.    Plus, I expect the return he would have drawn as a two-month rental would have been marginal, if that.   I don't have any sour grapes of how that turned out.

    Agree. I respected his decision to stick it out on a bad team for his family's comfort. 

  8. 37 minutes ago, Il BuonO said:

    He’s accumulated wealth that will last his family generations, almost $100 million so far. “And I’ve got a pension. And I’ve got a 401(k). All that,” he said. “That’s why I call it the white man’s game – you get all that.”

    I wish he’d stay away from this provocative rhetoric. He’s benefiting from the system while disparaging it. 

    Does the NFL or NBA not give pensions and 401k's? If so, I dont really understand Jones comments.

  9. 15 hours ago, wildcard said:

    So its the 20th of August.  Expanded rosters are 11 days away.  But we can see the battle in the O's outfield coming for playing time in September.

    1) Santander is trying to establish himself as an everyday outfielder for the O's.  He can play all three positions and he will try to hold on to his playing time as other outfielders are added to the roster.  His 797 OPS and ability to play good outfield defense gives him a leg up on the rest of the candidates.

    2) Mancini has been a corner outfield for almost 3 years now.  But the number of players with some outfield ability probably moves him to play most of September at first.   Davis case for playing time at 1B is weak. Davis no doubt will stay on the roster but  he will see a lot on pine in September is my guess while O's management  auditions other players.

    3) Stewart is getting his playing time in the outfield now.  He better take advantage of it to show the O's he deserves playing time in September.   If he does he probably gets his share.  If he doesn't hit and play decent defense others may take his time.   He is probably a reserve outfielder in the future so others may get time to show they are starter.

    4)  Wilkerson is an OF/IF utility player who has earned his playing team vs right-handed pitching(784 OPS).   He hasn't  hit lefties well.   He has held down part of the center field job for months and can play all three positions.   But the O's know what he can do.  There may want to look at others in September.    He may get some of Peterson time in the infield  after the first of the month. He could platoon with Alberto at 2B/3B.

    5) Peterson has played some left field but he is not hitting.  His age and bat are against him staying.  I think he gets DFA'd sometime in the next two weeks to make room for others.  

    6) Smith will be activated from the IL sometime in the next two weeks.  If he keeps hitting at AAA on rehab it will probably be sooner than later.   He is a left fielder. And hit well in April (783 OPS) with power before running into a wall.  His defense was not great.   He will probably see sporadic time in the outfield in September.

    7) Nothing is certain about Hays' call up.  He is supposed to be the centerfield of the future.   And the O's probably don't want him to go home after the minor league season is over.   But he has to hit to get playing time.   He is on the O's 40 man roster.  He has a 760 OPS at AAA but his hitting has been up and down.  He needs to hit over the next two weeks to make a statement that he is ready for a MLB trial.

    Eight)  Mountcastle is hitting for an 868 OPS with power at AAA.  His call up is a point of discussion in Birdland.   Leftfield is were his AAA manager says he is most comfortable.   But he is not a finished defensive player.   The O's could go either way on his callup.   But if he is called up I think he will see significant time in left field in September.  He has to be added to the O's roster which is one of the reasons I think Peterson may be DFA'd.

    9)  Mason Williams has earned a call up.  The 27 year old has an 860 OPS at AAA.   I would think the O's would want to see what he looks like playing in the majors before they have to make a decision on him over the off season.  He played mostly center in the minors but can play all three OF positions.  He would have to be added to the O's roster.  Probably making the O's DFA a pitcher after the AAA season is over.

    So if Mancini moves to 1B, Wilkerson to the infield as a utility player,  Peterson DFA'd.    

    The O's could have Montcastle in left, Hays in center, Santander in right for the majority of playing time in September.   Williams playing all three OF spots, resting the starting OFers.   Stewart and Smith finding some time in left or DH or PH.   

    Is that the way it plays out?   Who knows but it fun to think about.


    The future O's OF is probably Hays, Diaz and Mountcastle, with Santander or Stewart ready to step in if they underwhelm. 

  10. 41 minutes ago, DirtyBird said:

    I thought your point was that Elias was quick to promote if a player is dominating. So, I guess that point is actually Elias is ready to promote 1-1 out of short season A ball when dominating.

    Is there a GM who wouldn’t?

    Theres no rush to promote Toby Welk. He'll be in Delmarva soon enough next year. I am wondering if Rutschman starts out in Delmarva next season. 

  11. 2 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

    A number of guys have not been promoted in a timely manner this year despite a case being made for them dominating.

    Stewart was promoted. GrayRod and Rom I think they are slow playing. Not sure about anyone else. 

  12. 32 minutes ago, tntoriole said:

    I would just like to hear from somebody as to exactly what he has figured out...this is no Ryan Flaherty briefly being better.  He may be one of those we look back on and say curse words.  

    We had Joey Rickard as our 4th OF when Yaz was traded, who also has better stats in AAA last year. I like Yaz but he never did anything in Norfolk that suggests this breakout was going to come. Yaz does look the part of a major leaguer, unlike say Stewart, who is also a much higher draft pick. Yaz' 14th round draft status meant he was always going to be behind the higher drafted corner OF's and rule 5 picks. 

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