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  1. Does Angelos/Orioles have the same kind of money to spend as the Yankees and they chose not too? I work with some Yankee fans, and they just laugh at me saying that Angelos/Orioles have just about the same money as the Yankees, they just don't want to spend it. I'll hang up and listen....
  2. Shake it off Miley, only a solo shot. Let's play tough not nervous/scared. We can do this.
  3. Lord please throw us a bone here. kthanx :clap3:
  4. Eating my heart meds early. :thumbsup1:
  6. Maybe we should let Sampson bat the next few games....
  7. OMG hate FOX sports.....we just can't buy into the O's.
  8. Are you serious! I have no other way to watch...i don't care about the soccer game. Soccer.....really?
  9. Your lips to gods ears.
  10. Who are the Yankee's playing tonight? Haven't heard the announcers mention them.....hmmmmm
  11. Broadcast straight from the Yankee dugout.....
  12. Thank you sir, totally forgot. Im excited im excited im excited.
  13. Geez I don't know if I can handle Birdlands BS today.....still too early to tell, depends how the beers flow. I might not be allowed back.
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