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  1. Guys we got this one tonight! :thumbsup1:
  2. Enough already lets play ball.... :boogie:
  3. Evening guys! Lets get them tonight....never give up!
  4. The wife and i where saying the same thing, Bud really didn't do too bad. The best part he made it 6. For the love of god can Cruz get 2 more AB's....
  5. Well said Jonesy! Not that is matters, cause im a nobody, BUT it was great to hear you say you still love and believe in this team! Thats why we are all here. Its feels great to consider you a fellow fan now, i understand your frustration......... :thumbsup1:
  6. I dont need to i've seen them. I also noticed your absence when our offense was firing on all cylinders in the game threads.....found it kinda ironic.
  7. I knew you would crawl out of your hole. Where were you when our offense was crushing the ball last week....or even up till tonight! Offense is having a bad game tonight. We are all or nothing at times it seems. Never saw you around when we where knocking the cover off the ball.....
  8. Makes 2 of us, and i love a good joke.
  9. Honestly, what are the odds we can resign Cruz....?
  10. Great point.........:beerchug1:
  11. Thanks for stating the obvious, over and over and over, BUT i don't remember too many here ever referring to Tillman as an ace.
  12. Jonesy10 is still under a rock somewhere....
  13. Wouldnt be the Os if we didn't give some back.....
  14. Where does this mentality even come from..... Im taking it as your just upset with this inning
  15. Man can you pick my lottery numbers? Roy your good!
  16. Oh boy, strikes side out.....has our offense been dead today
  17. How has Ubaldo looked? Sorry guys been outside with wife doing stupid community yard sale.....
  18. Afternoon guys! Lets go O's! :thumbsup1:
  19. Yes sir........:thumbsup1:
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