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  1. Should we be worried that Mac is up pitching for us....??
  2. "how much time ya got buddy...."
  3. I dont understand, your saying Pearce is CLEARLY a better hitter than Chris Davis....?
  4. Why do we always give it back!
  5. Cant argue with you there. Lets hope we don't give any back next inning.
  6. Crazy, offense does nothing for awhile, and our starting pitching is great. Now our offense is hot, and we cant pitch...lol We need to get in synch. Where's Roy, can he send a memo
  7. Now we need to tighten up, and NOT give any back. We have a bad habit of giving some back the next inning. Lets ride this wave!
  8. I love reading posts like this from Birdland and Jonesy10 this early in the game.
  9. Nice Dan.....thanks! lol
  10. Respect for Nicks arm thank god
  11. God why do we always give runs back.....come on guys tighten up here
  12. Sorry Fox, he got rocked in the first and second
  13. YES! tied this up!!!!
  14. YES, Adam didn't swing at that pitch in the dirt....took the walk!
  15. You were saying.......
  16. Calm down guys.....we been in worse situations. I believe Chris will settle down and Rodriguez looks like he's struggling. That's why we play 9 innings
  17. Uh oh....hopefully not another shakeup 1st inning for Chris
  18. OK shake it off Chris...settle in.
  19. So proud of OUR boys tonight! Well done guys.
  20. Care to PM me any LOTTO numbers you feel good about......:clap3:
  21. Ok, I was beginning to think I was the only one he drove crazy.
  22. Thank you, that's what I have been waiting to see!
  23. Is that a PM from Jonesy10
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