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  1. 50's i think.....not too sure though, been drinking and cant really remember the last time i saw the pitch track count.
  2. Scott, you keep posting pics and i might have to rub up on the wife tonight..... :scratchchinhmm:
  3. Yeah announcers verlander doesn't need 96mph....he's got the ump in his pocket!
  4. Cat like reflexes! Cue Duran Duran....The Reflex
  5. Oh cry me a river.......Raja Davis.....waaaaah
  6. Verlander keeps getting the outside strike..... :cussing:
  7. According to MLB network, you are correct. A lot of people were skeptical when we pitched Saunders in 2012, let's just hope Buck knows something we don't.
  8. The coverage on MLB network is just disgusting! "....Detroit needs to look at the names on the back of their jersey's, no way Baltimore should hit the tigers like that...." (15 minute tribute to Verlander, 5 min on Chen) ".....ok, Chen is just outclassed." Let's show them AGAIN what we did all season! :thumbsup1: .......beer assistant! :beerchug1:
  10. And down goes the Michelin man pitching! :thumbsup1:
  11. Make'm pay when they screw up! YES AJ!!!!!!
  12. God bless you guys and the Jabba pics...... :beerchug1:
  13. Oh by the grace of God please don't prove me wrong Birdland!
  14. WOW kinda hard to knock Oday....Miggy is a freak of a hitter. Thats why Hardy's shot was so important. We got this!
  15. What does that mean......close out a close game with 4 outs?
  16. You sir are my hero! Well said! :beerchug1:
  17. Exactly! Thats what the wife and I were just saying. Maybe we are spinning it, but it makes me feel better lol
  18. Yeah, seeing her now in clothes is just.....well you know.
  19. Waaaah i couldn't hit little league lol!
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