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  1. Damn Scott! Had off today, and already have my drunk munchies going. I'd go anywhere for a burger like that right about now! Guess my Tombstone frozen pizza will have to do, right now it says Red Sox RIP on my Tombstone lol
  2. I can't help but have a smile from ear to ear!
  3. Uh oh......O.H. i think the sky just dropped 25 feet at least.
  4. mdmcoupe

    Vs Reds 9-4-14

    Davis YOU have potential......oh boy....
  5. Geez man. Roy, i am sure you are a great contributor, BUT right NOW i just want to sit back and enjoy the moment! Why can't we just enjoy what's going on right now, live it up a minute, it has been almost 20 years since we have been in this position. We are number 1 in the division, by a LONG shot, right now we have the 2nd best record in baseball....stop worrying about next year. Maybe we will BETTER next year! You don't know, i don't know, and no one here knows. Enjoy today!
  6. ZING......we have a winner! :hearts:
  7. What.....what....wait what...... :2yay-thumb:
  8. Who is this ...... clown! I like it better when JOEdog packs his marbles up and leaves around the 6th inning.
  9. God please, this is NO time for Zach to fall apart......
  10. God, that makes me so proud to hear ya say that! Me too..... :hearts:
  11. Yes yes yes schoopppy!!!!!!!!
  12. Im sure we will hear all about it when he does.....wait what....
  13. Anyone else see the guy in the front row with the flash photography during Odays pitches to Jeter. That seems a little messed up. Flash going off right behind jeter every time Oday pitched. Oh well, good job Oday :thumbsup1:
  14. If we don't pick up the pace, its going to be 50 minutes of Raven's football every hour on 105.7. So sad......
  15. The arrogance Pineda shows while working on the mound is typical Yankee fashion. God i hope we get to him. :thumbsup1:
  16. Nail meet coffin..... :smile11:
  17. im right behind ya....lol Pouring more Scotch too
  18. You gotta be freaking kidding me...wtf! :angryfire:
  19. Why oh why does Gonzo get kicked in the nuts? Man has been stellar for at least his last 4 starts, deep too. Roy, i couldn't agree more. God i was hoping Ubaldo would come on strong and ride the starters wave, but man is he making it hard to keep routing for him. I mean come on, he's a great guy....always throwing seeds after home runs, smiling, cheering the team.....also buying steak dinners for the minor league players. Sounds like a great guy, one i want to do well......but come on....
  20. May the Lord look kindly upon our boys tonight. May we be just a little tougher tonight. Go O's!
  21. LOL..... :rofl: can ya hear me know.... :rofl:
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