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  1. Hey is that Pat Sajak behind home plate? I know he is a Severna Park resident......
  2. It's painful to admit, but it's well said. :thumbsup1:
  3. Hey Weams, Didn't the last member of the Ramones pass away the other day?
  4. SWEET!!!!! YES guys !!!!!!
  5. HOLY COW, i have to get an office job! 10 pages in 2.5 hours starting at noon on a friday. Not much going on at work.....???? Yes, im jealous ...... :hearts:
  6. Hey scOtt, Sorry came into the conversation late, but what has happened to Guillmet? Thought he was pretty strong. dunno????
  7. Id pay for his plane ticket back to whatever 3rd world rock he came out from under. :cussing:
  8. Despite what was said in pages 1-3.......you have to admit Gonzo did pretty well today, eh? GJ Gonzo! Come on offense! :thumbsup1:
  9. And here comes the garden gnome.....god i freaking hate this guy!
  10. omg 6 pitches and 2 outs already. Are we gonna make Lester look like a rock star....god i hope not! Nice nelson already over doubled the pitch count...13 now
  11. what channel?? sorry got it.....go O's go Gonzo!
  12. mdmcoupe

    vs. Rays 6/29

    Are you even a fan BRO.......?
  13. mdmcoupe

    vs. Rays 6/29

    Just in time to watch the end of the United World Sports Car racing series from Watkins Glen.....go Turner Motorsports :thumbsup1:
  14. mdmcoupe

    vs. Rays 6/29

    What do you have going on in that house....?? Constant twitter feeds, OH game forums, 105.7 radio, ORIOLES baseball on the tv, multiple google tabs open and waiting....? Do you have a wife/girlfriend....? Can't be any kids around....no way....
  15. I dont really give a @#$ either, as long as we have 1 more than they do at the end of the game.
  16. A wise man once posted.....i don't care how we win, score 12 in the 9th, i dont care, just win....... Words to play by
  17. Aren't the O's batting .271 with RISP.....good enough for 3rd in the league....behind Detroit at .274.....and the Rockies at number 1 batting .279. IDK, i could be wrong, im not a stat guy.
  18. We have to 2 best here today! Birdland and Jonesy10 :hearts:
  19. Still have Chris Davis too :laughlol:
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