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  1. Happy birthday to a gentleman that brings wisdom to our game threads! :thumbsup1: :beerchug1:
  2. yeah man lol...... :beerchug1:
  3. Let's go Miggy! Cold as ice buddy! Pitch like we know you can :thumbsup1:
  4. Yeah man! Lets go O's!
  5. Roy, message sent, buddy.
  6. Thank you ROY and BIRDLAND for having faith in your team.
  7. HEY BIRDLAND! exactly 2 hours later.....still think Tillman sucks!......just wondering?
  8. This is the same guy u want to send out for the 7th? Correct? Just checking
  9. Still feel the same way.......
  10. I'll take ground ball outs any day.....keeps pitch count down.
  11. Gotta love Gary Thorne! :laughlol:
  12. Holy smoke, that guy in the stands is passed out and drooling on himself lol
  13. Han Solo, "..... don't get cocky kid"
  14. Come on tillman ride the wave! Give nothing back baby! :thumbsup1:
  15. BAM!!!! yeah baby workem! Nice JS!!!! NICE!
  16. WGAF! He's our starter right now at least. Stop complaining about him, and show some support till he's pulled! Where supposed to be O's fans, he's starting, i support him and want him to do well (he has shown talent in the past!)
  17. Geeez man enough of that [email protected]#%[email protected]#%!!!! It's the 1st inning....wtf dude!
  18. Hey we didn't do too bad that inning guys. Couple hits, worked T a little. Come on.... Now we need Tillman to show up for this game, please i prayed for this, this morning....lol! Screw world peace, i was praying for ACE tillman!
  19. ............... :hearts:
  20. Buck....No Efen way!!! :rofl:
  21. Irish catholic.....it's acceptable.
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