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  1. Come on lets get'm early! good at bat by steve so far
  2. Started drinking before the wife and i left for church, im pumped for this game!
  3. Come on guys we can do this! :thumbsup1:
  4. I dont disagree with ya there, but the offense woke up today also. It is rare...too rare...that both the pitching and offense show up and do well in the same game. Proud of our guys today.
  5. ...... :rofl: Great posting today Malike! :hearts:
  6. Can we forward Matusz social to the unemployment office please.....
  7. Lets just say my memory is as long as my ....lol.... well, let me tell ya, i have a short memory. :laughlol:
  8. Madest thou look..... :rofl:
  9. ........ np :thumbsup1: :beerchug1:
  10. Stop with your facts......
  11. I cant keep up with your bipolar diatribes.
  12. Until his first bad at bat, then you will relentlessly tell us how awful he is.
  13. ...... I would except nothing less from you.
  14. My dislike of the MFY's is of epic proportion! :angryfire:
  15. Im with ya Scott! (edited) before i get IP banned........ :cussing:
  16. OMG please oh please let Zach crush Tex......please oh please
  17. Oh boy.....come on lord please....please.....
  18. BUCKLE UP! Lets go Zach..... :boogie:
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