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  1. Yeah that worked out real well. :thumbsup1:
  2. Keep making decisions like this Buck, and that bull pen phone better have the unemployment number on speed dial! :cussing:
  3. That seems like it was a great choice Buck.....thanks alot [email protected]#@#%@#% :cussing:
  4. Whats going on here, why the switch?
  5. I raise my beer to ya 3k miles away..... :beerchug1:
  6. Holy cow, we look like a deer in the headlights at the plate, man i hope we get it together.
  7. I take it you don't live in Baltimore City....
  8. Man down their mandingo! I wasn't suggesting me.....i don't see Birdland telling himself it's just a game..... :thumbsup1:
  9. Game over by 9:45 anyone want to take the over/under...?
  10. Yeah um, i dont see that happening
  11. mdmcoupe

    vs. Rays 6/17

    Sweet WEAMS! I was posting Strange Brew pics during the Blue Jays game. Freaking loved that movie...eh hoser!
  12. I couldn't agree more Weaverman!
  13. Hard to get excited for AJ after Tommy took all the wind out of my sails...... Good job AJ! :thumbsup1:
  14. Tommy "fans fo BOOOO" Hunter
  15. Do you Birdland and Jonesy10 hang out at the same hooka lounge
  16. Holy cow, CA where does Roy come up with a statement like that......
  17. But he wasnt horrible today either....which is good.
  18. At my age thats all i do! lol
  19. I love my O's but..... Its so damn frustrating that the offense and pitching can't BOTH show up the same day for the same game! It's seems too frequently that it is either or, and you don't make the playoffs with a team like that.
  20. Yeah this is what i love to hear! Yeah CRUZ!!!!!!!!! Come on guys, lets close this one out!
  21. Ok gotta ya buddy, kinda reminds me of Jonesy10......great fans
  22. Puff puff PASS.....man that must be good stuff
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