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  1. Thank ya sir :beerchug1:
  2. Dylan Bundy.......when does he start at home this week in Aberdeen? Anyone know? Thought he had a second start at home this week.
  3. I apologize! Went off on Ubaldo in the 2nd, thought he wasnt gonna make 2 innings again. He settled in, and honestly pitched pretty well thru 6. Once again our offense has given NO help to our starter
  4. What are all the fan boy's excuses now..... He's a horrible pitcher in April..... oh you know what you got when you paid for Ubaldo....he's the best 2nd half of the season pitcher (or 2nd best last year)... We wont need him in the 2nd half at this rate.....
  5. I think i am really starting to honestly and truly hate this guy.... :cussing:
  6. Well thats Ubaldo just being Ubaldo...... :cussing:
  7. Sure hope your in better shape....health wise
  8. Thanks OFFNY! Lets get'm again tonight!
  9. I usually agree with nothing you say, but i think you nailed it here!
  10. What a POS! Now i have no choice but to go out and throw the mulch around. Thanks Dbag!
  11. Honestly i feel a little bad for JJ.
  12. Enjoy....now i know where all my taxes are going..... :cussing:
  13. And thats why we play 9 innings....
  14. I get as mad as anyone here, and i understand the frustration, but has anyone else noticed it gets real slow in the game threads when we just start crushing it....
  15. who gives a crap.....the team "may" get the win here.....:thumbsup1:
  16. Sorry Mr Weams, but i have to wait for the kids to go to bed, before dad can put on the stupid "rally cap" and run around the house!
  17. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!! :boogie:
  18. Roy, do you have that post queued up each page
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