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  1. Finally the talk about Davis has changed. The first 2 months all we heard was the pitchers have learned how to pitch to Davis. Meanwhile i'm watching pitches go by him that he "crushed" last year. Have the pitchers learned how to pitch to him.....maybe.....has he lost all sight of the ball....definitely. What to do? He already has 2 breaks, with his injury and birth of daughter...so sitting him doesn't seem to work. wtf tied up
  2. Wow first season even, nice :thumbsup1:
  3. OMG....:rofl:.....bring back the muff....:rofl: Nah, it was just a random shot of an O's fan. Super cute girl, with super thick dark hair. My wife was like....she should be doing shampoo commercials. Im a married man, doesn't take much for me.......:hearts:
  4. Holy cow did you see the bush on her :hearts:
  5. Slush your daughter will never grow up with F YOU money, unless you break out of this slump.
  6. Scott your on fire today buddy...lol..... :rofl:
  7. Come on Manny! Do this one for Nellie! :thumbsup1:
  8. Your lips to Gods ears.... I couldn't agree more!
  9. You crushed that ball Slush!
  10. The last thing Cal wants to do is stay around the house watching the O's while the wife is home.....
  11. The Latin Garden Gnome Pedroia
  12. Come on AJ dust off the pitching wedge!
  13. Well I guess SLUSH cant hit into a DP this time....
  14. Starting out in typical strong O's fashion
  15. Maybe....BUT Davis and Nick seem to have the personality of my empty can of beer.....
  16. Cant stand all this "man he got away with that pitch to Davis..." The man couldnt hit a beach ball right now!
  17. At least Davis cant hit into a double play. Screw this...... :angryfire:
  18. Never give up! :beerchug1:
  19. Sounds like he fits in perfect here. :mwahaha:
  20. NICE......6 pitch inning Gonzo :thumbsup1:
  21. Nelson Cruz.......Little Giant.....
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