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  1. Screaming indeed. Too bad the site's owner had to put his backwards political views above the community that's supported him all this time. Claiming that it was the O's fault is just projection -- he made the decision to shut down this community over a single canceled game, the O's didn't do that. But I have seen that tact used more and more by those who agree with the current POTUS' politics: they punch you in the face while simultaneously having the gall to say, "Hey, why are you punching me in the face?!" -- when in fact you're not, and they are punching you (but they can't even realize tha
  2. That Rays home run is brought to you by: I looked. I've had the O's game on my TV all night long, but I've barely caught 2 winks of it because I've been up and down, constantly helping my mom. Waiting on her hand and foot while she recovers from surgery. The last time glanced at the game, a Ray hit a home run. I did it again, and they hit another home run. Maybe I just should keep the games off and check Gameday after it's done.
  3. You took nothing away, my friend. You seem like a really nice and genuine person who loves and cares about animals. I have a lot of respect for that and I appreciate your kind words. Mako is a beautiful pupper. Thank you for sharing her with us.
  4. Please inform your dog that he/she should continue being cute, loving and loyal, but their jinxes are ... less than ideal.
  5. By all rights, he was at least owed 5 and 2/3 innings, or even 6 IP flat, but his defense failed him.
  6. We didn't lose power here.
  7. You know who's a cat man? Kevin Gausman and Matt Wieters.
  8. I really appreciate it. What was your cat's name?
  9. Thank you makoman for your kind words. Please send us pics of Mako somewhere on OH. Make sure to give her extra special love and attention (I'm sure you already are) and help her go peacefully.
  10. That's true; but I think there is a balance of selflessness and selfishness in adopting a cat that's less than a year old. Selfless: While kittens are very "popular" and "most" are probably adopted rather quickly, there are a ton of them that aren't. By adopting a kitten, we're still moving them out of the shelter and freeing up space for another. Selfish: We don't want to have to go through all this heartache again in a few short years. We would prefer to adopt a kitten or young cat that's healthy, and young enough to be taught things so they can adjust to our house (don't scratch t
  11. Thank you! I'm sorry about your cat, too I think the important thing is that we keep them close and remember them. And encourage people to love, nurture and pay attention to their pets. Did you end up getting a new pet?
  12. Thank you so much! Yes, we are going to adopt another cat. Like you said, it'll probably be a few weeks. At a minimum, we are going to wait until my mom has fully recovered from her surgery. The last thing a senior woman with back pain needs is a new kitten running around the house! LOL
  13. My cat Nikki passed away today. Our family is devastated. She was 17 years old. Please, if you have a pet or pets, give them extra love and attention tonight. I keep some photos of her on this site: https://sokanpets.org I need escapism from this horrible, empty feeling. An Orioles win to get them over .500 would be a (small) salve. Oh yeah! And in a few hours, I'll take my mom to Mercy Hospital in Baltimore to have spine surgery. It's low risk and she's expected to make a full recovery in 2-4 weeks. I'm more worried about her (and my) emotional wellbeing after we lost our tre
  14. Based on Philip's definition of a "favorite enemy" being a guy we like who plays for another team... I'd have to go with Jeff Francoeur, although he's retired. He always seemed to be smiling on the field, like he was just happy to be there. Current player... I'll go with Max Scherzer. He's just a crazy hotheaded competitor. Always gives it 110%, and sometimes to his detriment, he tries to go as deep into games as he can.
  15. Wow, glad I didn't watch this one.
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