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  1. I’m of the camp that doubts our ability to develop talent still. Even with our #1 picks for several years running I feel we will waste them, or they will find clever ways to not pan out for us - long term injuries derail their careers, underperforming, psych issues, etc. I mean that’s a more likely outcome than the alternative of contending by 2023. It’s much easier and more likely to be bad than to be good, especially if you aren’t a team that can bankroll free agent acquisitions to bolster a decent young core. A decent young core alone can’t contend - you need to acquire 28-32 year old top tier performers from other teams and invest heavily in your chances for a single season. Not gonna happen in Baltimore.
  2. We had to score 12 for this statement to be true, but you're actually right. Amazing!
  3. This is comical. We're worse than the Bad News Bears. You could take 30 random people from the OH forums, make a team, and get a comparable result. This is going to make headlines when we blow it.
  4. I have so much free time this year (and last) by not following the O’s in the spring and summer! I get to do a lot of great things, like go for more certifications for work, build an online gaming community, and work out. I now realize that my fandom was a total waste of time. It’s liberating to not sink any time or money into this failed sports team.
  5. The sad thing is, there's an enormously high chance that each of those #1 picks will either wash out, won't have staying power, or will get hurt before they're able to make a career out of it. We can't build a baseball team around a strategy of picking up one free possibly good player per year. We need to acquire or develop something like 6 or 7 legitimately good players per year to compete. The 2014 O's didn't win because of the #1 picks we had on our team. They won because of Delmon Young, Chris Tillman, Chris Davis, Adam Jones, and so many others we had picked up in trades or developed into good players. They won because of a critical mass of players with very timely results, many playing above expectations, doing better than their career numbers or having a career year. Even if each year's #1 prospect turns into a Manny, and we pick each one, I don't think we would be a very good team. Let's say in the 2020 draft we pick a historically good 1B; 2021, a historically good SS; 2022, a historically good CF; 2023, a historically good SP. Let's say they all get to the majors in short order and are ready to break out immediately. OK, so what? If the rest of the team is as bad as they are right now, they have zero chance to compete. Even if they hold a lead for a couple innings, the pen will give it right back up. Our 2B, 3B, LF, RF, C, DH won't ever get on base or hit home runs. Optimistically, we might get to .500 in a season because of the extraordinary performance of four guys. I think if -- if -- we get that lucky and have four amazing guys in the early to mid 2020s, we should trade them as soon as their high value is established. Basically it would be like trading Manny in the 2016 offseason, or even 2015. Get rid of them, and get a package deal of ML-ready or nearly ML-ready players with high upside in return. We don't need 4 Babe Ruths; we need 30 Chris Tillmans and Adam Joneses. We need players who are pretty good in their prime, but not HOFers. We have neither the farm system nor the budget of teams that could hope to stack up a team of hero after hero like the Dodgers and Yankees, who simply buy their way into a World Series. Our only chance of seeing the postseason is to build a "good enough" club of scrappy, nominally effective players and hope the dice are in our favor in the postseason against the elite clubs.
  6. That's what I'm thinking. The Orioles hitters hit the same baseball the other team hits, right? If so, why are our home runs so low?
  7. The problem is, we need about 25 great draft picks, not one. And we need them all in the same year. We can't build a contending team by bringing one player worth the name on their jersey into the organization per year. We can't do it via trades, because we have NO ONE (except maybe Mancini) that other teams might consider buying. Even if Mancini miraculously yielded us a return like Bedard did, that wouldn't be enough because the absence of support around those 2-3 good players wouldn't make the team good. We can't do it via raising the players we have in the minors today, because our player development has been proven to be horrific for a very long time. "Grow the arms, buy the bats", "Grow the bats, buy the arms", it doesn't matter -- we get an extremely small percentage of O's farm system players coming up to the big leagues with above-replacement level competency. And those who do find success, either take a long time to get good and then flame out VERY quickly (like Tillman) or have so much seniority and skill, that they're up for free agency quickly and we can't afford them (like Manny, Schoop, Wieters). But the prevailing winds are just that we can't develop players to be competitive unless they have such raw God-given talent that nobody can hold them back from greatness. And those guys end up playing for the Dodgers after long. Yeah, this is a team without a future. There's absolutely no reason to expect we'll be able to field a .500 team in the next decade or so. Teams have been sold or moved city for less.
  8. The team beating us right now has an 8-12 record. An 8-12 team makes us look impotent offensively AND defensively. Let that sink in. And, this isn't a fluke anymore. We are 15% of the way through the season already. This is who we are: despite making the team younger and with new management and coaches, they are still awful. We've simply replaced apathetic, tired, old players with young, talentless, inexperienced players, both extraordinarily bad in their own ways. Buckle up for another 100+ loss season, folks. Might be just as bad as last year or worse.
  9. I expected a bad team, but geez. Makes me want to burn my Orioles gear and forget about them.
  10. Wow... talk about unexpected clutch. Davis, Means and Mullins sealed that game.
  11. Honestly, if we replaced every member of our 30-man with a replacement level player for that position, we would be a much, much better team. The only regression would be losing Trey Mancini for a replacement level 1B.
  12. Regardless of the umpire being a position player for the Tampa Bay Rays tonight, we are completely and totally outmatched by the other 30 members of the Rays' roster. The Orioles are a hilariously bad team from top to bottom.
  13. Some faster than others. CC Sabathia has been an effective starting pitcher since Tillman was in diapers, it feels like.
  14. It's the New Orioles Formula. Hard-hit balls right at 'em, and surrendering multi-run home runs. It's the reverse Earl.
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