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  1. Lenn Sakata for me. His time coincided with the last gasp of the great Orioles run.
  2. The Terps moved out of the ACC and I hate it.
  3. I wonder how these stack up with other aging low average sluggers. Wasn’t Boog done by age 34?
  4. Cheating is easier, I guess.
  5. The Adam Dunn school of off season training https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2012/01/25/hanley-adam-dunns-comments-infuriating/
  6. Which makes the problem worse, IMO.
  7. For me the All-or-nothing brand of baseball is unwatchable. MLB can juice the ball to their hearts content but I’m not going to support it financially.Manfred’s assertion that the ball was within limits is disingenuous at best.
  8. This is the elephant in the room. I’m encouraged that his walk rate continues to increase along with his XBH percentage while his strikeout rate is decreasing. To me, these are indications of continued success. Hopefully
  9. Of course it was but it shows that the age of the recipient wasn’t ever a factor. The award was meant to be merit based on a single season not a prelude to a HOF career.
  10. Jackie Robinson was 28 when he won.
  11. Me too. I want the Orioles to be one of those teams.
  12. Baksheesh for buscones. It’s hard to spend international monies when the people that control the talent have been shunned by the team for years. Make nice with the shady SOBs.
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