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  1. I believe the status of our health care system will ultimately determine when events will be allowed to resume.
  2. The NHS is largely staffed by Eastern Europeans Ironic
  3. I’ve taken to renting a room in the closest hotel for the prep. Last time I stayed less than a block from the facility it made the experience much better.
  4. Jackie Mason would be proud.
  5. He probably has tinnitus.
  6. I’d settle for Mr. Creosote
  7. Both Brian and Colin are his nephews. It’s on his BR player page
  8. He hasn’t even established residence in another country. Once that’s done he needs to get cleared by the State department. Neither of which appear to be a quick process.
  9. Brett Lawrie is the player that caused an adjustment to dWAR
  10. I think the best way to get rid of Chris Davis is to have an event where players greet fans as they enter the park
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