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  1. My ‘89 Excel came with a factory installed Blaupunkt stereo . It was stolen within 6 months
  2. Why didn’t Elias trade Villar in July? oops wrong thread
  3. Don’t the Orioles have 7 days to rescind the waiver request? If so ,then why not wait to see if this is simply a maneuver to gage interest in Villar prior to the Winter Meetings?
  4. It’s fiction. Nobody dies
  5. Thank you for using Millstone
  6. 1948. The first year both leagues were integrated at the start of the season
  7. Nothing except the reserve clause. In the ‘40s players that jumped to the Mexican League received lifetime bans.
  8. Larry18


    Jason Benitti is really good. The White Sox got a true pro when they hired him.
  9. They need his minimum wage salary to help keep them under the luxury tax threshold. He’s a Boras client so we can Imagine what it would take to ink a long term contact.
  10. Larry18


    Probably because they’re terrible. The Orioles have always had good if not great broadcasters, Ernie Harwell,Chuck Thompson,Jon Miller and Gary Thorne not a stinker in the group.
  11. Larry18


    I should add that teams can use alternate transportation if their destination is within a set number of miles. I don’t know the exact number but the O’s are allowed a shuttle bus to play in DC or Philly and maybe even New York
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    First class air fare, 4 star hotels.
  13. Larry18


    Travel and hotel accommodations are part of the CBA.
  14. Distance certainly was a factor but my dad remembers the Cardinals broadcasting into LA. I imagine the answer lies in whether Baltimore was part of the Phillies or Senators broadcast network.
  15. My point was they didn’t root for any MLB team to any measurable degree.
  16. My 87 year old dad grew up in Southern California as a Hollywood Stars fan. I’m going to guess that prior to 1954, the AAA Baltimore Orioles were the team of choice.
  17. Toledo sits at the mouth of the Maumee River.
  18. This is my experience as well. I lived in DC for 47 years and the main reasons I had for not attending Orioles games were dissatisfaction with ownership and traffic. Originally in that order but the past 10 years traffic became a major obstacle. I live on the eastern shore now and love the direction of the team and will start attending games once again. Some of us really enjoy the rebuild process.
  19. Lenn Sakata for me. His time coincided with the last gasp of the great Orioles run.
  20. The Terps moved out of the ACC and I hate it.
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