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  1. Cobb looking better already. We'd be winning with Manny at 3b.
  2. Talk about an overreaction.
  3. I too really wish Mike Wright could be pitching right now and giving up these runs. I'm sure the defense is atrocious because they aren't as comfortable with Cobb on the mount.
  4. Who do you want starting?
  5. I'm listening on the radio -- have any of these balls left the ground?
  6. Darvish has a 6 ERA so far. And he had a full Spring Training. We rushed him.
  7. Hard to blame them with how bad Wright and Tilly were.
  8. Does anyone doubt that we'd be much better with Manny and Beckam back in their appropriate positions?
  9. He didn't ask to play there.
  10. It's crazy how much better this would feel if the pen didn't implode yesterday.
  11. If he were playing excellent D I would understand, but that has been shaky at best.
  12. Why is Sisco not PHing for Joseph when a RHP comes in and we have a runner on in the 7th. Seems really obvious to me.
  13. Sisco should be hitting here. Ridiculous.
  14. I appreciate that he cares. The rest of the guys look dead.
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