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  1. Yeah, and a few nice defensive plays. In a high pressure position, he did very nicely at a high level.
  2. Aplogies, Adam. Maybe DL too, but I'd be pretty surprised
  3. I think the Orioles will send Hall
  4. Henderson has greater potential defensive value then Mayo, has performed at a higher level, he's also only 6 months older. Henderson will probably be on nearly all top 100 lists this year, Mayo is a guy they'll be watching. They had a BA guy on the OTV podcast and asked about Mayo, basically what's holding him off of top100 lists is skepticism he'll stay at 3b and also his swing against better velocity. Personally I think their is a lot of bias towards where guys were ranked in the draft, and it takes a couple years for prospect lists to lose the bias & base it on pro per
  5. Yeah, but this is like 7-8 in a row. That theory would hold for an occasional extra strikeout, and creating a slightly higher strikeout rate...not for this volume
  6. It's interesting to see the same issue resurfacing at Bowie that hurt him at Aberdeen, and I don't mean the strikeouts per se...it's that so many of the strikeouts are looking
  7. Gunnar definitely wouldn’t be up. He’d be overmatched at the major league level right now, and he’s not a plus defender. You would see Grayson up, but you wouldn’t have prior to this year, and you will next year. The only Orioles prospect who is being significantly impacted by service time manipulation is Adley. He would have been on the club this year, and conceivably last year. When doing any sort of teaching, you want to challenge people, but not to their frustration level.
  8. Yeah, they've been semi-competent for the last week...and there are far to many terrible teams out there for that
  9. seak05

    FCL happenings

    Several moves made today, Janvrin went to Aberdeen
  10. seak05

    FCL happenings

    Deson promoted to Delmarva
  11. seak05

    Rule 5 list

    MLB level defensive SS don't grown on trees. Someone probably takes him if he isn't protected. Hall has one truly elite skill (speed), but he's never played above Single A, and he doesn't have a defensive home. Between the two I'd think you'd protect Grenier
  12. seak05

    Adam Hall 2021

    If he can become a good defender at a few positions (including OF), he could be the bench guy you carry to have a plus runner in the late innings. But that's a luxury position. (but because of that I could also see him being taken in the rue 5 draft)
  13. Credit John Sheperd for making me think about it, but given Bowie is in the playoff hunt, I wonder if there is some value in Rodriguez staying down, and pitching in situations with more on the line, and as part of a winning team.
  14. Elias seems to value a prospect proving himself at every level. I could see a Grayson like trajectory next year though, where he starts at Aberdeen and potentially finishes in Norfolk.
  15. In March fangraphs gave him a 50/55 grade for his fielding. So potentially future above avg major league SS. It also has his speed at 70. A scout type view on it would be nice though
  16. seak05

    Kyle Bradish 2021

    This is why baseball teams are transitioning more towards openers. There are way more guys that can go 3-4 innings, then can go 6+
  17. Except for one person, I haven't seen anyone questioning his arm 2b is still an up the middle defensive position, on the defensive spectrum it is still extremely high (spectrum order can be debated, especially with increased shifting but it is at least equally as high as 3b)
  18. If they're asked to send a catcher, you send Maverick or Hudgins. Generally you don't see top prospects in the AFL who have already made it to tripleA. In the past the top prospects have been guys who ended the season in double A (and single A).
  19. We have two of the top prospects in baseball, including arguably the top overall prospect, and the top pitching prospect, plus several other top100 prospects. I think some of you all have a skewed perspective of other teams farm systems, if you don't think the Orioles are "upper echelon" (top overall is a different issue)
  20. seak05

    FCL happenings

    That makes sense, Collin Burns was promoted, would think that was part of a general promotion
  21. Might make sense for Hall to go, depending on injury progression. Westburg would be a good choice, and some combo of Gunnar, Cowser, Stowers, Ortiz (injury dependent), Hall. No real reason to send any triple-A guys unless they missed time due to injury.
  22. yes, but not in the chart that explains and details FV https://blogs.fangraphs.com/the-new-fangraphs-scouting-primer/
  23. I'm quoting them 🤷‍♀️, and they don't have a 65 on the FV chart, maybe they use it occasionally for ranking purposes
  24. Per fangraphs, there isn't really such a thing as a 65, at that level you don't need the differentiation (because you have fewer players). So for a position player a 70 FV grade is someone they except to avg 5-7 WAR over their first six seasons, essentially a top 10 overall position player for a pitcher a 60 FV #3 starters, 3.30 FIP, volume approaching 200 innings 3.5 to 4.9 a 70 FV would be #2 starters, FIP under 3, about 200 IP 5.0 to 7.0
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