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  1. 5 hours ago, Brooks The Great said:

    Get ready for the Orioles to have the consensus #1 hitting prospect and consensus #1 pitching prospect at the start of next season. Chances are it'll be the only time it ever happens for the O's, at least in most of our lifetimes.

    Has it ever happened before for any team?

    The Orioles actually were close with Wieters and Matusz. In 2009 Wieters was the best overall prospect, with Tillman and Matusz both top 25. In 2010 Matusz was the top pitching prospect, but Wieters had graduated off the list.


    er, hopefully this time works out better 

  2. I went to the game Wednesday night. I think Adley only swung and missed one time. He does take a lot of pitches. What really stood out though, is he seemed to foul off a lot of pitches. From my vantage point, not sure if he was slightly missing hitable pitches, or spoiling good ones. 

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  3. Since Westburg was promoted Gunnar has been playing almost exclusively SS. He has made 7 errors in the last week (since June 11). 

    Most people seem to agree Hall isn’t a SS

    Ortiz and Grenier are regarded as the two best def players, and it shows.

    For most players who want to make the ML positional versatility is important. Moving a guy like Jones around at triple A makes sense, if he can actually defensively play any of the positions. Even wander Franco has played games this year at 2b and 3b (mostly at SS)


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  4. On 6/13/2021 at 9:05 PM, OrioleDog said:

    This description sounds very breakout Cedric Mullins-y.    We are witnessing the best couple months that kind of guy can generate, but that's not a toolkit I'm in love with for 1-5.

    I think if you could get this version of Mullins at 1-5, you'd take it and run. An all star level player would be a pretty good pick

  5. 1 hour ago, Can_of_corn said:

    I'd also like to say that given the uncertainties in the MLB draft you should go with the BPA, to maximize your chances of getting a difference maker.

    As a college player, Frelick probably is the BPA, or maybe Kumar or Leiter, over a HS...what you're saying is you don't think he's the best future talent available. BPA isn't as cut and dried as you're trying to make it out to be...and that's especially true in the MLB draft. You're trying to balance ceiling, with likelihood to reach it, with floor. But the variety of outcomes is exceedingly high, even at the top of the draft. 

    You make it sound as if there is a very clear pecking order, with large gaps differentiating the players, and that's just not the reality. 

    I agree though that not drafting someone bc you already have someone at that position is silly. 

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  6. On 6/10/2021 at 4:46 PM, doccat said:

    I saw a mlb.com mock draft today that had us taking Sal Frelick to save money against the slot like last year....

    Nothing against Frelick, but if they did this I'd have to find another team to follow.   The picks after Frelick were: Rocker, Lawlar, House, Watson....

    It's not like they'd be doing it to save money though, they'd still be spending the same amount of money, just spread over more people. 

    Given the uncertainties in the mlb draft, if you're not in love with anyone at 1-5, and you have several people grouped together, makes sense to take the cheapest of those options, and then try to add depth to the system. 

    I get being frustrated with them being cheap, but this isn't really an example of that 

  7. 1 hour ago, Tony-OH said:

    He should. Grenier may not have plus range, but he's steady and has plenty of arm to man the position. He reminds me of Bordick over there. If he's made some real adjustments and the stick is real, he'll be a legitimate SS prospect again. 

    If you were rating the O's SS prospects defensively (Grenier, Ortiz, Westburg, Henderson) how would you rank them?

  8. I also wonder if they'd like to see him improve upon his BB/K ratio. Right now he only has 11 walks on the year compared to 24 K. That plus he can play SS everyday, and defensive development also matters. 

    Especially when looking at defense, I'm not sure that playing a month longer at Delmarva and playing SS daily is actually worse for his overall development then playing up half a level at Aberdeen. :Deep breathe: 

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  9. The advantage of having Henderson in low A is that both him and Westburg can play SS every day, and develop defensively at that position. But there might be no holding back the bat. TBH Westburg is a high level college guy, it's not unreasonable to think he should be able to go to double A at some point this season. 

  10. I believe that they are re-instituting host housing, as are most of the major league teams, but like two. 

    I agree with others in this thread, that it would make much more sense for the Orioles to continue to provide housing to the minor leaguers Heck, see if you can rent a dorm from a local college. 

    (This is also a separate issue then what happened with the Pelicans and the hotel) 

  11. On 5/21/2021 at 9:36 AM, Can_of_corn said:


    I don’t like chasing, so taking a pitch like that and almost leaving it up to the umpire is okay with me.

    I thought this one was interesting as well. It speaks to an overall culture shift from years ago when you swung at anything close with two strikes to attempt to avoid striking out. Clearly in baseball the value of a walk has increased, and people aren't looking to avoid SO as much. Adley is another one who seems to take a lot of called third strikes (as a percentage of his SO). 

  12. Rocker and Leiter scare me - between the up and down seasons, and the extra inning. I honestly prefer Jobe. If a player is there who is worth the money, then I hope the Orioles draft them. But if the Orioles have several guys rated roughly equally, then you might as well take the cheapest option, and save money for overslots later on in the draft. I'd be annoyed if the Orioles didn't spend their entire bonus pool, but if they choose to spread it out more...that does't bug me. Now if they passed on Lawlar or Mayar, I'd be more annoyed. 

  13. The walks need to come down, but double-A guys can't hit him. So the question is for development, is he better off working on things at a level he's dominant at? Or is he better off going to a level where they might punish him for his mistakes?

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  14. I wonder if they'll jump Gunnar and/or Westburg straight to doulbeA, in terms of the inf logjam, that seems like where an opening is. The Aberdeen guys seem to be doing well, but not promotion well (Hall has been hot lately)


  15. 1 hour ago, panick said:

    I see that Henderson now has 4 errors. Is that because he is switching back and forth between SS and 3B, or because of the notoriously bad minor league infields that I have read about?

    I don't know, but I was going to ask about his defense. 

    With all the shifting they now do at the Major League level, it probably helps to be able to play all the infield positions, at least somewhat, so the switching should help with that 

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