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  1. Law had Bundy behind Machado to start the year too (he's conservative about guys who haven't yet played pro ball). Also Machado is a really, really good prospect
  2. All innings are 3 outs, now of course some can take more or fewer pitches. But that would argue for pitch count being what should be limited rather than innings. Unless you're arguing that Bundy is more likely to overthrow at a higher level, but that's something he has to learn not to do, so putting him at to low a level once again doesn't solve that. There is no evidence to suggest that an inning the majors is more likely to cause an injury than an inning in LowA, nor does it make logical sense - sorry but your body doesn't know what level you're at. How would you define workload?
  3. Workload should determine how many innings he pitches, not where he starts. In fact one could easily argue that if you're going to pitch fewer innings it's more important that those innings come at an appropriate developmental level. As a more advanced arm than Barnes etc he probably could have handled double-A. I don't think starting him at high-A would have been a big deal, starting him at low-A was farcical.
  4. Dylan Bundy isn't Shelby Miller. Age matters but at the end of the day it's just a number and you have to treat people and starting pitching prospects as individuals. Every scout when Bundy was coming out of HS said he was more comparable to an elite college arm. Elite college arms tend to start at double - A, HiA at worst. They don't get left in LowA for two months.
  5. In the ESPN article Bundy said he had been told to shelve his cutter for the year in order to concentrate on the development of other pitches. This isn't that unusual for a top high prospect. Most scouts think that the cutter is perhaps his best pitch, certainly his best "off-speed" offering.
  6. If a player can't catch up to a good fastball, you're helping them by throwing a pitch (change - up) that they have the bat speed to hit. That's why most top HS pitchers don't have practiced change-ups.
  7. I'm going to guess he's also slightly bored. (note this isn't that he's not working hard, or questioning his mental make-up etc, it's just a natural reality if you're not being challenged)
  8. Durability is a massive risk with pitchers period, prep and college. But 6ft isn't small, especially historically and plenty of pitchers who are 6"4 break down. I think we spend way to much time worrying about 6ft vs 6"4
  9. Shrug, I think maybe ideally you'd like a pitcher to be 6"4ish, but that we make to much of height. Through history there have been many great pitchers at Bundy's size. As long as he can get a good plane on his pitches (and from all scouting reports he does), I don't think it's much of an issue. He's not 5'8. To me stuff, repeatability of delivery, command and control all, are the real issues.
  10. Roy you should check out Bryce Harper's minor league line. You'd probably consider it distinctively unimpressive. His OBP and SLG and OPS are all very impressive for a 19yo in Double A.
  11. Yes, he has an innings limit, hence I would prefer he gets more of those innings at a level where he will be challenged. Let me put it another way, the more innings he throws at Delmarva, the fewer he'll throw at Bowie (and Frederick). The reality is, according to most scouts, he's not going to face hitters who can consistently challenge him until he gets to Bowie. And since the Orioles seem hell bent on sending him to Frederick (bc clearly 3 teams in 3 cities is a great call for a kid settling into the pro game), I'd prefer he get there sooner rather than later, so that he gets to his approp
  12. Excuse me while I go slam my head against a wall. A refusal to alter or have flexibility in plans when a prospect clearly and completely shows you that he's to good for a level isn't something to be praised. What Bundy needs to learn in the Minor's is how to set up hitters, work through a line-up, and deal with people who can hit him. Right now he can spin his change-up up there, and it's generally not going to get punished, even if it's not good. That's fine for a few starts, but he's had 13 innings of it, he doesn't need another 23.
  13. Yeah that line was ore at the poster who feels he'll have Tommy John surgery if he progresses to fast. The level itself has nothing to do with injury it's how he is used at that level.
  14. Personally speaking, for any prospects development I think they need to be challenged, and mistakes exposed. For Bundy that means being at a level where when he makes mistakes the batters are good enough to routinely punish him, make him think about how to set them up etc. Most observers seem to think that with his stuff and command that won't happen till Double-A. Therefore, for him to spend roughly half his innings below that level this year seems to be a waste. Then again I'm not a fan of making a prospect move to three different places in his first year in the minor's in order to keep you
  15. A team with a 5 man rotation will (usually) have more bullpen arms available than a team with a 6 man rotation, so I'm not sure how that logic makes sense. Unless Delmarva is carrying extra pitchers
  16. Guys you are missing the point on Law & Bundy, he's like a charter member of the Bundy fan club. He thinks Bundy is a much better pitcher and will be a much better pitcher than Barnes. That's why he feels so strongly about this whole thing. Do you want him to think less of Bundy? Because then he wouldn't care, or have such a strident opinion
  17. Ah yes the Orioles (and Pirates) are the only smart teams in baseball, every other team developing a top pitching prospect is doing it wrong. Two of the biggest things that a starting P has to learn are how to deal with adjustments the 2nd (and 3rd) time through a line-up and pacing yourself. In three inning stints Bundy learns neither of these things. He's also not being challenged by the hitters in any way. Right now these innings are essentially pointless. What is the advantage of having him pitch deeper into August rather than deeper into games? It is the same number of innings regardle
  18. Dylan Bundy has now pitched 9 innings this season that have done little for his development as a pitcher. Those innings could have been spent dealing with hitters who had a chance at making him work, or going through a line-up for a second time. At the end of the day is it really a big deal? probably not. But if he's going to pitch 120 innings this year, he has already thrown 8% of his innings and gotten very little from them. Oh, and what he didn't have to do his own laundry in instructs last fall? or spring training?
  19. Given Bundy's profile the results are nice but not shocking. That being said he was pitching against hs bats, now he's adjusting to pro life, so it's nice to see him actually proving that the profile (at least so far) was correct, and he is doing what we hoped he would do. As to Cameron's comments on his developmental arc, they echo what Law said, which is that Bundy is probably ready for Double-A already. The question is do the Orioles just want Bundy to settle in and experience success, or do they want him to learn and have to adjust?
  20. seak05

    Some Good News

    Unless Machado hits a serious slump he'll start next season at double-A. Better question: if he continues his hot streak do you promote him to double-A this year so that he can play everyday in the Arizona fall league, rather than being relegated to the taxi squad?
  21. Nobody is perfect, and very few are really bad but with athletes we get caught up in hero/villain making, and lose sight of that fact. In this case Harper reacted in a poor manner to poor behavior by others. In telling the story it's important to provide the context of the situation and not sensationalize. But for his development it doesn't help to excuse the behavior either. Rather all sides should be held accountable.
  22. Honestly, I didn't ie the Vlad signing, or the Hobgood pick, but this love affair with prospects in all sports is a little over the top. If the Orioles get one all-star and a couple solid (not cup of coffee) major leaguers from this draft it'll be well above avg. Paying people well above what they're worth just because they are demanding it doesn't strike me as a good way to maximize value.
  23. Ok riddle me this, why should the Orioles (or any other team) give a player who is probably never going to reach the ML 3-4MM as opposed to a guy who is already in the big leagues. The reality is all the really premium talent goes very quickly (see Bundy), and that's where you should spend your money. By the tie you get down past level though (and even at that level) you're hoping that the guy reaches his potential, but you also have to get lucky. I am all for taking talent, and a few over slot players but you can't do that with every pick, and if you don't have extra picks, taking someone e
  24. I'll be stunned if the Jays sign both Norris and Beedle, almost as stunned as I'll be if the Pirates sign both Cole and Bell. If you have a bunch of extra picks you can afford to take a few risks with guys who might not sign. Without the extra picks you've got to get players into the system. The success rate for even high draft picks is so small, except of the real premium players draftees aren't really worth 3.5+ MM. The reality is there's a better chance that he wont make the majors than he does, and even if he makes it, there's only an incredibly small chance he turns into a star.
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