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  1. Toronto has a bunch of picks, but none that were super high, and going to cost Bundy type money, so they can take a few risks. Bet they sign a couple of these guys, and let some of them go
  2. Last year BA rated Tallion the 11th best prospect in baseball, you're probably looking at D. Bundy being in at least the 10-15 prospect range. Schoop is a potential big league regular, Bundy is a potential legit #1, All-Star. Top of the list is: 1. Machado 2. D. Bundy and then the debate begins.
  3. All these prospects look good now, but in reality there are only a few stars in each draft class. Getting premium talent is nice, but there's still a huge amount of uncertainty so you're not going to spend 5 million dollars on somebody who is only "worth" 2 million. Bell might be worth his price tag, but probably isn't signing, and would be a wasted pick (which is why nobody has picked him yet), Norris isn't even remotely a sure thing, and not worth what it's going to cost to buy him out of his commitment.
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