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  1. Hochuli and crew should face discipline for this game so far. Couldn't even manage to call the clear fair catch interference.
  2. I'm not sure how much longer Andy Reid jr can hang around...
  3. I have a lot of hesitation trusting the judgement of a group that decided Gibbons was a good manager.
  4. Closer to 16 inches off
  5. Wilson's issue going forward will be his complete inability to miss bats with the 93.2% z-contact. That's up there with Vance Worley and Gallardo, and neither of those two have been great. That being said, he's got a nice 12.5% IFFB which he'll need if he can't find a way to miss bats in the zone.
  6. Looks like there's a window of a couple hours, lining up during gametime. It probably should be ppd, but they're probably try to get it in and it'll be ugly. Baseball is baseball though
  7. Good for him, I hope he's able to get the help he needs
  8. No, they GState was playing Hack-a-bron in the final minutes of regulation but they weren't being called. Officiating was just pathetic overall.
  9. He'll strike out a few more times and then get the win.
  10. It's really pathetic how the MLB acted as if it was a league wide issue and no one called them on it. It's the Red Sox and Yankees. Every. Single. Time.
  11. 1 game suspension? Okay B1G. Michigan's rapist kicker got nothing, but don't shake hands when you're the new team in the conference? Blasphemy!
  12. Miggy's the one that got thrown out at home because he can't manage to stay in shape enough to run faster than a scooter. Not to mention the fact that he's a wife beater and drunk driver, he's pretty much awful. The tilting only helps the O's here :laughlol:
  13. I feel like the gun is always hot in Seattle.
  14. bdlj0887

    Jake Arrieta

    Jake was 27 and out of options (I think?) He really didn't have a future here.
  15. It's more like they return to the velocity they had before their ligament started weakening significantly
  16. I'm guessing he'll be around .730-.750.
  17. And he'll expose more the MLB's hypocrisy if the pitchers aren't punished for it. Amazing that the players are willing to hand the commissioner more power when they worked so hard to have such a strong union.
  18. Wasn't Cal's big contract one of the highest ever at the time?
  19. If even half that stuff is true, wow.
  20. I'm not sure they could get a candy bar for Gabbert
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