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  1. Wilson's issue going forward will be his complete inability to miss bats with the 93.2% z-contact. That's up there with Vance Worley and Gallardo, and neither of those two have been great.

    That being said, he's got a nice 12.5% IFFB which he'll need if he can't find a way to miss bats in the zone.

  2. I didn't watch the game, because I don't care about the NBA.

    Oddly enough I do care about officiating in the NBA. I heard it was bad.

    Did the refs give Cleveland a hand?

    No, they GState was playing Hack-a-bron in the final minutes of regulation but they weren't being called.

    Officiating was just pathetic overall.

  3. Miggy's the one that got thrown out at home because he can't manage to stay in shape enough to run faster than a scooter. Not to mention the fact that he's a wife beater and drunk driver, he's pretty much awful.

    The tilting only helps the O's here :laughlol:

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  4. Probably not, but he's probably going to be miserable while trying to collect it. He'll probably set the new beaning record if enough pitchers hate him for it.

    And he'll expose more the MLB's hypocrisy if the pitchers aren't punished for it.

    Amazing that the players are willing to hand the commissioner more power when they worked so hard to have such a strong union.

  5. Ozzie at it again. Great trades for both teams considering they just drafted Jockel (sp?) so he can slide to LT for them and they get some picks. They might as well blow it up and rebuild. Trade MJD for some picks. Gabbert for a new water cooler.

    I'm not sure they could get a candy bar for Gabbert

  6. McCann's a real smart guy, get into it and risk a suspension with a 4th place team a few games from the playoffs because he's jawing with the pitcher that drilled him earlier this year?

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