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    Rays at Angels 4 games

    The Angels' season in a nutshell.
  2. Boras took a pretty big hit this year in the draft imo, I hope it continues.
  3. More nice plays tonight. His range is truly incredible.
  4. Hunter followed that up with "He adjusted it right out of the ballpark." Gold all around.
  5. That's the one I was thinking of, I knew the Red Sox were involved somehow.
  6. He's got incredible range, I'm pretty impressed. What an arm, too.
  7. That's pretty much the reason the umpires union doesn't want replay, even if it would mean adding an umpire. Being wrong isn't even in the realm of possibility for most umpires.
  8. That's absurd, you overturn a call based on the guy who's 90 feet away (who got it wrong by the way), because the runner said something? Of course the runner thinks he's safe. ffs
  9. This one nearly had me in tears, Palmer is great.
  10. This is essentially Hunter's upside and why they keep trotting him out there. He throws strikes, and should usually give you a chance to win.
  11. The Tigers have been screwed over so many times this year I'm not surprised that they're fed up with it too, even though it went their way.
  12. There's no reason not to, I get the feeling pretty consistently that umpires aren't particularly familiar with the rules.
  13. The Red Sox got one reversed on us earlier this year, IIRC. It's all about the team that's asking, imo
  14. Holy cow he crushed that ball.
  15. Something about shutouts?
  16. Looks to me like he missed the waist and only got the arm.
  17. How can you possibly walk Chris Davis?
  18. Have they ever considered just allowing Palmer to talk to himself for a night? I'm sure he could handle it. I'm fairly certain he does it anyway!
  19. This is a very good sign. When Mark Reynolds gets hot, the ball just explodes out of the park.
  20. He's definitely wild, but Diaz is more wild, somehow.
  21. How can Laz Diaz be consistently so bad, and recognized as the worst umpire by everyone, and still umpire big league games?
  22. When Clay gets a call on the chalk, too.
  23. Diaz is squeezing the hell out of him according to Gameday. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
  24. In Tillman terms, that was a good first inning.
  25. He also got to see Ozzie Smith!
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