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  1. Oof, that slider was gift wrapped to Betemit.
  2. I definitely agree that it should've been his last batter, but as always, Buck has different plans
  3. Pretty much doesn't matter, but the strikezone has been dreadful tonight for both sides.
  4. That's probably okay, because he supposedly has great opposite field power off fastballs.
  5. Francoeur should know better than anyone that you just don't try on OFs with plus arms.
  6. Manny manny manny manny manny manny!
  7. I wasn't aware it was possible to get Billy Butler out. 3 times? Gameday must be broken.
  8. That ball was well inside, too. He got his arms in and just went to town on it.
  9. He was about Machado's size at age 20.
  10. I think you're confusing scouts with "analysts".
  11. Has Wieters not hit for decent power, especially considering he's the best defensive backstop in the game?
  12. Bat speed is deceptive on the tv.
  13. I think just about every scout expects Machado to hit for fairly significant power, especially when he fills in.
  14. In other news, Rex Grossman is, well, Rex Grossman.
  15. Also, oddly enough the Orioles have outscored the Yankees so far this year. Which compared to years past where the Yankees went all Rangers on the O's is nice.
  16. The extra wild card is an illusion. We're well within striking distance of the division, and that should be the goal. Screw the Yankees.
  17. The Orioles are an evil organization out to steal the souls of their prospects to add the PA's collection. Or something like that, I'm sure.
  18. I think part of the reason this season has been so fun for me is how young the team is, now they just got younger! It really is a great group of guys, regardless of the talent level.
  19. One other thing, if the Orioles REALLY wanted to one-up the Ravens, they would've held Bundy's start last night and called him up for a start instead. That would've garnered quite a bit more attention.
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