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  1. I think quite a few people, including me, still feel a little burned by Wieters. Of course, he's still a very good player. The situations are completely different though, you're right.
  2. I kind of wish DD didn't BS like that, Manny isn't slow but he's not a 5 tool guy.
  3. I like the move, but at the same time, any concerns that anyone would have would also be valid.
  4. Johnson keeps the ball down, too.
  5. That last curveball was absolutely nasty.
  6. I definitely see what you're getting at, and it's subjective for sure. But the O's offense just doesn't have the quality to match the awful performance some of our pitchers have put up this year, so I think the pythag is a crapshoot, and it's really the best way to try and figure out what's going on. Regardless, I'd rather be lucky and win than unlucky and lose.
  7. We're talking about statistical outliers, which when you have such crooked numbers on one data point offer a very poor sample. You'll probably find a very similar outcome with the Cardinals this year, which seemingly have the reverse issue that the Orioles do, although they don't have a losing record.
  8. Buck likes even innings, and Ayala ends up coming in with inherited runners on, even though he's absolutely awful there.
  9. When using Pythag to evaluate future success, shouldn't we be eliminating statistical outliers; after all, it's a statistical analysis. I think there was a post in a gamethread a few days back that when you add up the blowout losses and the wins, it makes up for most of the negative run differential. I think that gives a better indicator of where we are now, a little bit lucky with an incredible bullpen.
  10. bdlj0887

    4-32 revisited

    The defensive play last night was absolutely awful, and it was orchestrated by none other than Steve Pearce!
  11. The disappointment is palpable, yes.
  12. PA didn't like the fact that DJ circumvented the union.
  13. Rays games are good for something
  14. Probably because of the Davey Johnson thing. Still silly.
  15. That's just a silly thing to say.
  16. I'm not sure, somehow the Judges were able to gasp at the performance even though they found something wrong.
  17. Can we seriously just not bat Wilson against LHP? He's amazing against RHP! Surely this could be done with Andino.
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