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  1. I'll take it, considering how many teams have runs from the Orioles mistakes.
  2. Has Davis finally figured out to lay off the high fastballs?
  3. Aside from the walk, you'd think Oakland swapped teams with Baltimore today.
  4. Holy cow, WYC. Fastballs down the middle have never looked so good.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if his reign is over, but that was an event he hates and typically doesn't do. I'm not sure why he did it this year.
  6. Buck owes the hitters an apology after the game, IMO
  7. Can Mark Reynolds be demoted so Chris Davis can take over as the Sheriff?
  8. I didn't see it, but you have to remember where that's coming from. Everything is deep to Manfra.
  9. Hardy walks? Isn't that against some sort of rule?
  10. It's amazing what contact can do.
  11. That definitely is something to clap about!
  12. Especially now that they appear to have their very own Angelos
  13. It would be unfortunate to see Ray go, and he's certainly not a replaceable RB, but the economics of the NFL are tough, and Ozzie is more than capable.
  14. He's Vlad in his prime with plate discipline. It's actually scary.
  15. Manny hammered that ball, wow
  16. What, you don't like watching hitters walk around and sigh after every called strike, and pitchers doing the reverse?
  17. bdlj0887


    Reverse Variable Chance Deviation Theory, obviously.
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