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  1. I've decided he's just testing the Variable Chance Deviation Theory
  2. Is it just me or is he Clay Bucholz's long lost brother?
  3. I'm actually excited to watch an MFY game, someone shoot me.
  4. Seems like peanuts compared to what people were expecting, especially if they got 5M.
  5. They should just team Carpenter and McCarver so two broadcasts aren't ruined.
  6. Speaking of Wegmans, I went to the new one in Columbia today and that's a mistake I won't make again.
  7. Can there be a GIDP with two outs? I would think this team would make it possible.
  8. There was just no reason to throw that, there's two outs, Mark.
  9. Hammered like it was on a tee
  10. I would think pitchers knew if there was a place they could put a pitch where barely any hitters could hit it and have it consistently called a strike, they would be thrilled. As it stands now, most of those pitchers aren't consistently called strikes. Up and in fastballs, low backdoor breakers, etc.
  11. Considering the stupid hotel blocks the view of the tower! Davis looks surprisingly good in RF, although most were routine aside from the ridiculous catch he made, routes looked good and he seems sure-handed with the catches. Ballplayer for sure.
  12. Hammel definitely pulled a Cliff Lee there.
  13. Ouch... I think he's had issues with that before? He's a joy to watch(when he's not pitching against us!), that's a shame.
  14. What the heck happened? Is Beachy alright?
  15. Those high sliders look so meaty... can't believe JJ didn't swing
  16. I didn't see the second, but the first wasn't close But Hammel is getting squeezed and a horrible call, nice
  17. I like Hammel because when he gets squeezed a little, or gets hit on weak contact, he doesn't get flustered and immediately start walking everyone or tossing meatballs. His control was about as bad as I've ever seen it and he still kept it close!
  18. Let's pack the park for Brian! (But not too loud)
  19. Maybe part of some weird strategy? I really don't know anything about lawyering, maybe one of the residents here would know.
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