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  1. Hammel definitely pulled a Cliff Lee there.
  2. Ouch... I think he's had issues with that before? He's a joy to watch(when he's not pitching against us!), that's a shame.
  3. What the heck happened? Is Beachy alright?
  4. Those high sliders look so meaty... can't believe JJ didn't swing
  5. I didn't see the second, but the first wasn't close But Hammel is getting squeezed and a horrible call, nice
  6. I laughed heartily at that play, it was like Mark Reynolds was playing shortstop
  7. I like Hammel because when he gets squeezed a little, or gets hit on weak contact, he doesn't get flustered and immediately start walking everyone or tossing meatballs. His control was about as bad as I've ever seen it and he still kept it close!
  8. Let's pack the park for Brian! (But not too loud)
  9. Maybe part of some weird strategy? I really don't know anything about lawyering, maybe one of the residents here would know.
  10. I just refer to him as catcher with letters
  11. There's very few seats left on Ticketmaster for Friday, fwiw
  12. Andino is great, he's just very clearly overexposed, and that's not his fault.
  13. Some of the elite packs I've come across in Inferno have been downright silly, things like vortex jailer fire chains molten can kill you instantly
  14. My hope is that he goes to SC to get the much needed time he needs, especially with one of the better programs and then could become a real option for the O's. But who knows.
  15. If they make it to the finals somehow it would be a miracle if they beat OKC/Spurs
  16. I hope you have his schedule clear for 162 days a year
  17. My guess would be the ump, I can't imagine Matt would ever do that otherwise.
  18. Absolutely, it's a hard job that becomes an easy job when you can be awful with little to no accountability.
  19. Can this game please go 17 innings?
  20. I'd be concerned with Cy Young against this lineup.
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