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  1. Heath Bell seems to be losing it. Blew a save today by issuing 4 walks and then finished it up with the loss. 3 blown saves in 5 opportunities. WHIP of almost 3
  2. Why on earth would you not walk Jones there to get to Johnson
  3. bdlj0887

    JAKE Today

    Well what's an Arrieta start without some runs?
  5. It's like the wheels just completely flew off the Sox
  6. Something magic happens...
  7. bdlj0887

    JAKE Today

    We can't really expect Jake to be any better, or any of our young pitchers until they have faith in the defense behind them. And Jake has been pretty darn good.
  8. Strop can really throw. Wow.
  9. Valentine somehow managed to allow Bard to get to 7 walks today.
  10. Ryan Zimmerman was doing his best Brooksie impression yesterday, I always forget that he's really, really, really good at 3b. Too bad the Nats will never be the O's.
  11. What on earth are they putting in the air in that stadium
  12. Mark Reynolds has been trying his hardest this season to make me not like him
  13. They do something, the home/away splits for that team are usually ridiculous
  14. They had a pretty wild comeback yesterday after being absolutely dominated by Verlander all game
  15. Maybe CC thinks a higher pitch count translates to more cheeseburgers
  16. Glad to see a bad spring hasn't slowed Matt down
  17. It's the reason people think he's a great defender, he makes routine plays look spectacular
  18. I think CC would take beer and fried chicken just about anywhere.
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