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  1. And two outs. It's an Andino Miracle!
  2. As much as umpires like to give you calls CC, I promise you the dirt is not in the strikezone
  3. This is where we need to go from having him on the ropes to knocking him out of the game
  4. Sooo... is it time for Frederick yet?
  5. It's all Bud Selig's, Bobby Valentine's, and the Orioles organization for scheduling a game tonight
  6. How many RBIs does Garcia have tonight?
  7. I swear it's next to impossible to get a triple in Camden Yards
  8. He looks like he's running in syrup, yet he still manages to be a cat behind the plate
  9. Love how he has the ability to make people look like they have a hole in their bat though
  10. I suppose Chen was tipped off and knew he wouldn't swing there
  11. I thought Martin was supposed to be a good catcher?
  12. Really nice AB by Hardy there to come away with the big fly
  13. I have to feel like in the olden days, Arod would've been out of baseball very quickly due to pitchers
  14. If there's a mfy pitcher that an offense can get a good jump on, I think it'll be Garcia
  15. Arod has been accused of just about every "unspoken rulebreak" possible, and I believe every single one of them.
  16. I was following the game during dinner much to my Wife's frustration and burst out laughing in the restaurant when I saw Avila hit the HR
  17. I was right at 3b and Betemit looked pretty smooth out there, nice to have someone that can give Mark a break to "collect" his thoughts
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