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  1. Mark Reynolds has been trying his hardest this season to make me not like him
  2. They do something, the home/away splits for that team are usually ridiculous
  3. They had a pretty wild comeback yesterday after being absolutely dominated by Verlander all game
  4. Maybe CC thinks a higher pitch count translates to more cheeseburgers
  5. Glad to see a bad spring hasn't slowed Matt down
  6. It's the reason people think he's a great defender, he makes routine plays look spectacular
  7. I think CC would take beer and fried chicken just about anywhere.
  8. Nolan! Nolan! Nolan! Nolan!
  9. And two outs. It's an Andino Miracle!
  10. As much as umpires like to give you calls CC, I promise you the dirt is not in the strikezone
  11. This is where we need to go from having him on the ropes to knocking him out of the game
  12. Sooo... is it time for Frederick yet?
  13. It's all Bud Selig's, Bobby Valentine's, and the Orioles organization for scheduling a game tonight
  14. How many RBIs does Garcia have tonight?
  15. I swear it's next to impossible to get a triple in Camden Yards
  16. He looks like he's running in syrup, yet he still manages to be a cat behind the plate
  17. Love how he has the ability to make people look like they have a hole in their bat though
  18. I suppose Chen was tipped off and knew he wouldn't swing there
  19. I thought Martin was supposed to be a good catcher?
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