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  1. McCann should've been suspended. It's the second time he's blocked the basepath on a homerun this month because of hurt feelings.
  2. McCann's a real smart guy, get into it and risk a suspension with a 4th place team a few games from the playoffs because he's jawing with the pitcher that drilled him earlier this year?
  3. It was definitely a hit, the throw was a bit off but it took forever to get to Kozma and he was charging.
  4. If they're tanking for anyone it's going to be Bridgewater. I wish the NFL would block these kinds of things to prevent obvious tanking.
  5. bdlj0887

    Mike Trout

    I feel like we have to talk about this again... because despise the fact that his fielding runs are a quarter of last years, he has 10.1 fWar, higher than last year. This is starting to get ridiculous
  6. Gotta love all the guys that seem like they were ripped from the Cpu generated names in video games
  7. bdlj0887

    Game Thread

    I suspected Denver would struggle with the pass rush but wow...
  8. bdlj0887

    Game Thread

    Delay... Weather was pretty nice here yesterday, NFL.
  9. Not that he helped much last game :laughlol:
  10. What a terrible pitch, goodness
  11. Should've sentenced him to making American Flags until the end of days.
  12. This is actually quite fascinating.
  13. bdlj0887


    I bet Dempster feels like a real man, giving a free run and the lead.
  14. I think some people had doubts whether Roberts was capable of a hot streak, and rightfully so. This is basically nothing but good news for RoS.
  15. So... when will RAJ get the boot? Is there a worse GM in baseball?
  16. He's soooooooo slow, it's killing me. It's not J.J. Hardy slow, it's old man slow.
  17. Everyone. Have you seen the Astros outfield though?
  18. He was also awful for as long he was good. He is clearly going to be better than Iglesias in the long term though, imo.
  19. If they haven't done it by now, it's likely they're not going to. I mean, he charged Kevin Gregg for pitching him inside (which any logical pitcher would do since he's on top of the plate every ab). On a side note, I still remember him being manhandled by Wieters in that brawl and being tossed aside like a stuffed animal.
  20. It's truly amazing to me he's basically gotten away with this stuff his entire career.
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