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  1. Really nice AB by Hardy there to come away with the big fly
  2. I have to feel like in the olden days, Arod would've been out of baseball very quickly due to pitchers
  3. If there's a mfy pitcher that an offense can get a good jump on, I think it'll be Garcia
  4. Arod has been accused of just about every "unspoken rulebreak" possible, and I believe every single one of them.
  5. I was following the game during dinner much to my Wife's frustration and burst out laughing in the restaurant when I saw Avila hit the HR
  6. I was right at 3b and Betemit looked pretty smooth out there, nice to have someone that can give Mark a break to "collect" his thoughts
  7. I like Mark Reynolds, but he's definitely the kind of guy you don't want thinking
  8. Hopefully this makes Jake understand that it's difficult for hitters to get solid contact on his stuff
  9. I expect a Cy Young for his handling of the staff.
  10. The amount of anger in that game is pretty hilarious
  11. Looked like a perfect turn by machado, oh well
  12. Really can't find the zone right now
  13. Bordick and Brady should do color commentary together
  14. Could put Russel back out there with better results
  15. No worries, Andino is in the lineup!
  16. Here I was thinking with runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs that they were going to pull an "O's" and manage to not drive one in.
  17. I'm not really sure I see the logic in giving Sanchez money and then trading for a... "quarterback"
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