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  1. Hopefully his K rate going back up is a sign that he has confidence in his pitches again.
  2. That was literally the last thing I expected Miller to do
  3. 14 LOB isn't exactly something I wanted to see, but I suppose it's to be expected with this lineup
  4. Walks are what I wanted to see most this ST, oddly enough
  5. Of course we did well against the Patriots. Anyone not named Tebow does well against the Patriots. And yeah, they straight up said the only reason they were able to break up that pass at the end is because it was so plain. We could do worse than Cam, that's for sure. That certainly isn't a reason to keep someone that just about everyone knows is holding the team back some.
  6. Koji and his yellow glove are always welcome to me
  7. Glad I'm not the only person who immediately thought of that as soon as it started going wide
  8. "for whatever reason" I think people know perfectly well the reason those articles left the statements out.
  9. I've read elsewhere that instead of sending disguised pressure, Pagano went with more coverage to confuse Yates, which apparently worked.
  10. Justin Smith is just too damn big, strong, and fast. Combine that with an opportunistic offense... and I'll take the $(ers
  11. Aikman seems pretty angry about that roughing call
  12. Green Bay can truly thank the Zebras for that. Hopefully it doesn't go on to become an infamous call.
  13. I reaallly hope the NFL hires full time officials. Ridiculous.
  14. One day safeties will figure out that running into someone and hitting them is not tackling. TD Nicks.
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