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  1. Well this isn't good... I hope he's just shaken up
  2. Miller was right, he does stare down receivers
  3. Funny that Tomlin coaches them to hit high and then is upset about a chest hit. Ha
  4. Tebow is absolutely embarrassing them
  5. Even if Pitt pulls this out I'm pretty much thinking we'll be in NE if we beat Houston
  6. There's just something about it. I can't help it either. It's christmas!
  7. Wow. I don't need to say anything else.
  8. If it came down to needing a tackle to win a game, I sure wouldn't trust any of the Lions.
  9. bdlj0887

    Norv Turner

    They constantly wasted timeouts because of confusion with playcalling, I think the last thing we need is even more wasted time getting to the huddle.
  10. bdlj0887

    Norv Turner

    Martz might be good for Rice :scratchchinhmm:
  11. I see pitt winning easily but I won't be at all shocked if the Broncos somehow pull a win out of their hat
  12. Those tiny legs outrunning people
  13. It looks like instead of bringing extra pressure against a very good line, they're simply plugging up throwing lanes with lbs
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