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  1. What's funny about that call is it seems even more inconsistent when you look at the reversed fumble call from the Ravens game. I'm not sure the Refs even know what constitutes possession and how long it has to be
  2. Their defensive strategy has been ridiculously stubborn all year long, linebacker play has been a problem since the start of the season and instead of changing the scheme, they've just expected them to magically do better
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    Here we go again...
  4. I get frustrated to no end with a lot of sportswriters nowadays that point to BABIP and immediately declare someone's success or failure as a result of luck.
  5. As an odd sidenote to this, the Ravens are the only team with a winning record that has a Strength of Victory over .500
  6. I see, NFL really dropped the ball on scheduling then. They shouldn't have teams travel across the country for a Thursday game imo
  7. I was just about to ask and I see this posted, excellent.
  8. Judging by how the Ravens play good teams at home I'm taking them. They really just haven't showed up to play against the bad teams this year for some inexplicable reason. Disinterest maybe? I feel like the crowd is getting louder each week though, wow.
  9. More or less, Dwemer ruins are the best source of soul gems
  10. Managed to break the game with max enchanting and smithing. Wearing full Daedric and dual-wielding I have ~900 armor, super high magic resist and can pretty much plow through anything in seconds on Master... whoops
  11. Maybe it's something that other teams started doing after seeing the Titans game? For whatever reason they were able to drape all over Boldin that game without getting called. Or, Refs are calling it when it's both ways instead of just letting it play. I have no idea.
  12. Guess I wasn't the only one watching that while waiting for the game
  13. Pollard can really lay the wood. It's sad that QBs can throw up the middle now with no regard for what might happen to their receivers and get away with it.
  14. Even if this is a sign of them on the rise, I'm glad they don't have Palmer anymore because that guy had the Raven's D solved.
  15. For a first rounder in 2012 and a condition first rounder in 2013... I guess the Raiders actually think Palmer could be worth two first round picks?
  16. bdlj0887

    Ray Rice

    From what I understand Ray Rice loves the city of Baltimore too, so that's worth noting
  17. If we're only looking at playoff teams now, I think Cabrera has a good shot. His numbers are actually insane even though his power is "down". He's been ridiculously clutch all year and has an OPS 100 points higher than any other AL playoff-team player. Shrug. Boston not making the playoffs should expose some of the hypocrisy of people that said only players on playoff teams deserve MVP.
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