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  1. If the middle opens up for Rice he becomes that much more dangerous
  2. Based on matchups alone I have the Ravens, but not by much. With the exception of Mangold, the Jets O-line has not looked great, and their rush defense has been surprisingly soft. Assuming Smith/Evans are used to clear out safeties in the middle it should be a good game for Flacco going to Rice and Boldin.
  3. I love the crushing block Hightower put out in that drive...
  4. Pettigrew, a TE, had 11 catches for 112 yards yesterday.
  5. Boston losing in the 6th here, good work Rays.
  6. I'm assuming Torrey's injury is just from running hard on the turf
  7. bdlj0887

    Matt Kemp

    Just sent another flying. 37 home runs now
  8. Goodness this umpire is quite blind
  9. I've been hearing him the last two games, glad it wasn't just me
  10. bdlj0887

    Short rants.

    By far my least favorite Starbucks in Columbia, they move like slugs
  11. I guess Cam Cameron is the reason why every loss it feels like the offense just can't move the ball at all, and even if the defense does a decent job, there's not too much they can do if they're on the field for the entire game... He's definitely not likable and he reminds me a bit of Kevin Gregg.
  12. I guess they were afraid Papelbon might have something to say to Vlad or Wieters
  13. I was honestly beyond shocked that he was back this year. Last years team was pathetic and there were a lot of questionable coaching decisions.
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