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  1. It's probably worth nothing that the Titans D is obviously really underrated. I guess their secondary gets away with playing a little too physical but they are really quite good. The good news is, the division is still tied up after a horrible game, and I still like our chances to take it.
  2. All I can say here is "whoops"
  3. It's very obvious Foxworth is no longer an NFL caliber player.
  4. Also for the record, I think it's a bad rule... but you can't call something illegal and dirty until it's changed. Especially people in their position who show blatant disregard for the rules weekly.
  5. The Steelers constantly dive for knees after whistles and they call other players dirty and worry about injuries. The stream of tears after their loss is priceless. When the Ravens lost last year, their response was "We lost, we'll get better, we'll win." When the Steelers lose, clearly there's some outside force and conspiracy against them. What a bunch of whiners. Also, in the original article in the Post-Gazette it said something like "Steelers players confirmed what the Steelers player said." Ha.
  6. If Rice runs like he did Sunday, I fully expect him to shred the Titans. He was making some of the best tacklers in the NFL look silly by getting so low.
  7. Ha, I saw that and that's exactly what I thought. "What a tool"
  8. The Jets offensive line looked very poor, and the Ravens recievers will be a matchup nightmare for them. They can cover Boldin and Evans, (Who can both probably beat 1 on 1 coverage from the Jets), but then they have to deal with Pitta and Dickson, and Rice out of the backfield.
  9. Will the O's bullpen be able to continue their roll?!
  10. Should've hit him harder, d-bag had the entire basepath blocked before cano even had the ball.
  11. Is there anything the crowd doesn't boo?
  12. Tommy hunter is a saint for not decking that imp
  13. Depending on how September goes, he could lead the entire majors in Ks, ERA, Wins, WHIP, and IP. That's pretty silly.
  14. What about Sunday Night? They've played there in the past.
  15. I still don't understand why the biggest game in week 1 is a 1:00 game...
  16. He also has a reasonable shot at the pitching triple crown, depending on how September goes. Not really surprising, he took some time to develop just like Randy Johnson did.
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