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  1. It would be more glorious to just sweep them and help knock them out of the playoffs. Here's to hoping for long losing streaks by the Sox and Yankees!
  2. When I saw it I couldn't help but think it's something they came up with to justify riding Matt Ryan's sack all last season
  3. bdlj0887

    Matt Kemp

    Anyone notice that he's actually pretty close to a 40/40 season and maybe the Triple Crown? Should be exciting seeing what happens in september.
  4. Yankees fans think everyone around the league has nothing but respect for the Yankees in the same way that Red Sox fans still think they're an underdog.
  5. .... I see what you did there
  6. This season has somehow made me hate the Sox and Yankees even more. They spend inordinate amounts on their roster and then run around as if they own Major League Baseball and somehow deserve their every whim
  7. Wasn't he the one throwing around ideas for a Friday DH without talking to the O's? Also, the Yankees are the ones that really need these games, it should be up to them to make it work on the O's schedule.
  8. The Orioles could've been losing 20-0 and I would've tuned in to hear Flanny and Gary Thorne. He was truly a brilliant person and it's a shame he may not have realized how loved he was here in Bmore
  9. Kevin Gregg comes in to cement how much of a waste of money he is
  10. Here's to hoping this is the start of Tillman returning to form
  11. How often do the pitchers actually hit his target? He can't force them to have any control.
  12. A random solo home run with some hits scattered in, and no offense with pitches straight down the middle? It's eerie.
  13. There just seems to be something about Atlanta's games with that strike zone. Makes me glad the O's are done with them, because it's pretty bothersome
  14. bdlj0887

    vs. REDS 6/26

    It's not a game unless Gregg takes us for a ride
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