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  1. No, we can thank BBWAA. But it's their show, I guess.
  2. It definitely is just seeming like it, because they hammered him the last few times.
  3. Olt+Edwards seems like a lot, even though Olt was really overrated
  4. Sort of good at baseball
  5. With Toronto playing somewhat better it is pretty hard to imagine the Yankees finishing anywhere but last. Who knows though.
  6. Congratulations to Henry, he truly had an Odyssey to get to the majors. Hopefully this gets some exposure on his story, because it's incredible.
  7. "known stud" does not mean what you think it means, obviously.
  8. Maybe he practices it in his backyard?
  9. For some reason I thought you couldn't embed MLB.com vids, I don't know why I thought that. :laughlol:
  10. http://wapc.mlb.com/play/?content_id=28689219&topic_id=9782246
  11. That home run made no sense to me.
  12. I had to assume this was a Gurgi post, I was wrong.
  13. bdlj0887

    2013 Tampa Bay Rays

    Longo left last night's game early. In other news, water is wet.
  14. That's not really getting the call right, that's putting one side at a disadvantage by crap umpiring.
  15. How often do you see Umps call a foul ball, conference, call it a dropped third strike, with the runner being thrown out on the ball that was called foul? You just can't do that.
  16. This is incredibly presumptuous. It's not like the Orioles are spending like the Rays or A's.
  17. Couldn't we just have pitched Davis? :rofl:
  18. The fact that he stopped the double AND got the out was just ridiculous.
  19. Nonsense, he clearly saw Wieters get the pitch from the dugout and wanted the real call
  20. That was harrrrd. To be fair to me though, the question about the ground ball hitting the runner and the fielder having a chance to make a play wouldn't be called by the rules, imo.
  21. That's how I played little league
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