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  1. The fact that he stopped the double AND got the out was just ridiculous.
  2. Nonsense, he clearly saw Wieters get the pitch from the dugout and wanted the real call
  3. That was harrrrd. To be fair to me though, the question about the ground ball hitting the runner and the fielder having a chance to make a play wouldn't be called by the rules, imo.
  4. That's how I played little league
  5. Nothing compares to Lester or Daisuke
  6. It says that there's absolutely no catching depth in the MiL system. Anyways, best thread ever.
  7. Wang-Dickey-Johnson You can't make that up.
  8. Manny's lack of walks isn't from a lack of an eye for the plate, it's just from a 20 year old having an agressive approach inside the zone. He doesn't need old guy skills yet, because he's not an old guy.
  9. We're at least all unYankees fans
  10. My father isn't even 60 and is old and bitter enough to have not rooted for anyone since the Senators.
  11. Lawrie might try to fight the jumbotron though
  12. There's adjusted ones that show up on Brooks Baseball and such.
  13. I don't see how you can go so crazy knowing there are 162 games a year to be played. It's odd.
  14. At least it's got the retractable roof. I don't know if people still get the "special shows" from people in the hotel though :laughlol:
  15. Lawrie is quickly making himself very unpopular with umpires,
  16. The real question, who's the "better" fielder? Manny or Cabrera
  17. He's not even prime Pujols. People have very short memories.
  18. This is all true, but I think it is a problem with the religion, just not in a direct way. Extremist religious leaders from Islam are automatically given authority (and this is just my theory) because of the adherence to Sharia, which allows individuals to more easily corrupt the message. It's not unlike hundreds of years ago when the Pope ruled the world and atrocities were commited in his name. The religion has taken a step back without a doubt. The more interesting thing is how will it evolve in the future.
  19. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Climate_change#Various_claims_by_global_warming_denialists I don't really have the energy, this article pretty much covers it, even if you hate anything liberal. I would also like to note that at no time was it an accepted scientific fact that the Earth was flat. The shape has been known for thousands of years.
  20. http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Gore%27s_Law
  21. Good lord, that is a ridiculous changeup
  22. Manny is just a doubles machine, amazing
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