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  1. Yeah, just because it was a great trade for us doesn't mean Texas didn't get what they wanted out of it too.
  2. That must be a big wall, or are you throwing it through the same hole?
  3. "Full HD" is one of those things that drives me crazy, because it's a moving target
  4. How would Angel Hernandez do his thang then? How?!
  5. That was back in the day of league presidents who actually asserted the authority they had, though (for better or worse).
  6. Maybe they could say the ground rules were enforced incorrectly since there was a review?
  7. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/nationals-journal/wp/2013/05/07/on-the-nationals-new-rainout-ticket-policy/
  8. bdlj0887

    Harper's Ejection

    Why would they learn a lesson when they're welcomed back with open arms?
  9. But it is revisionist history to say Mark Reynolds had real value over the course of his 2 years here.
  10. Gonzalez looks like he's reverting to his walk-happy self. Not completely unexpected, imo.
  11. bdlj0887

    2013 Toronto Blue Jays

    E5 absolutely obliterated a ball tonight, I'm curious what the distance was on that.
  12. Never, which is a pretty good indication it won't stay that way.
  13. It seems like he managed to hit some sort of breaking point with his contact vs. swing% that turned him into an awful hitter.
  14. Anyone longing for the days of Andino is insane.
  15. Nice. I think this is more what people were expecting, hope he keeps it up.
  16. Pharmacist of the Year? Is that a thing?
  17. bdlj0887

    2013 Toronto Blue Jays

    http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/9211737/munenori-kawasaki-becoming-fan-clubhouse-favorite-toronto ...if you say so.
  18. It really seems like he's starting to notice that pitchers are very reluctant to throw him strikes.
  19. I really, really, really hate that stadium. It's bad enough that we have to see games at the Trop/Rogers Centre 18 times a year.
  20. Terrorism is a federal crime, yes. It's a pretty encompassing thing, too.
  21. It's too early in the season to pull a late nighter guys, can't you wait until May?
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