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  1. Maybe they could say the ground rules were enforced incorrectly since there was a review?
  2. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/nationals-journal/wp/2013/05/07/on-the-nationals-new-rainout-ticket-policy/
  3. Why would they learn a lesson when they're welcomed back with open arms?
  4. But it is revisionist history to say Mark Reynolds had real value over the course of his 2 years here.
  5. Gonzalez looks like he's reverting to his walk-happy self. Not completely unexpected, imo.
  6. E5 absolutely obliterated a ball tonight, I'm curious what the distance was on that.
  7. Never, which is a pretty good indication it won't stay that way.
  8. It seems like he managed to hit some sort of breaking point with his contact vs. swing% that turned him into an awful hitter.
  9. Nice. I think this is more what people were expecting, hope he keeps it up.
  10. Pharmacist of the Year? Is that a thing?
  11. http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/9211737/munenori-kawasaki-becoming-fan-clubhouse-favorite-toronto ...if you say so.
  12. It really seems like he's starting to notice that pitchers are very reluctant to throw him strikes.
  13. I really, really, really hate that stadium. It's bad enough that we have to see games at the Trop/Rogers Centre 18 times a year.
  14. Terrorism is a federal crime, yes. It's a pretty encompassing thing, too.
  15. It's too early in the season to pull a late nighter guys, can't you wait until May?
  16. C'mon Nate, you know you want Hulk to carry you around!
  17. The attitude towards Greinke's fairly common anxiety disorder and mental health in general could probably use some improvement throughout the sports world.
  18. I'm not sure there's a pitcher on the planet that can make hitters look as silly as O'day. You can tell they have absolutely no idea where the ball is going.
  19. Offense is completely unstoppable right now, with Ovi once again leading the charge.
  20. That jersey must drive yankees fans nuts :laughlol:
  21. If you ever go back and watch the Kevin Gregg-David Ortiz thing, Wieters tosses Ortiz aside like he's a toy. Ortiz is not a small man.
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