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  1. C'mon Nate, you know you want Hulk to carry you around!
  2. The attitude towards Greinke's fairly common anxiety disorder and mental health in general could probably use some improvement throughout the sports world.
  3. I'm not sure there's a pitcher on the planet that can make hitters look as silly as O'day. You can tell they have absolutely no idea where the ball is going.
  4. Offense is completely unstoppable right now, with Ovi once again leading the charge.
  5. That jersey must drive yankees fans nuts :laughlol:
  6. If you ever go back and watch the Kevin Gregg-David Ortiz thing, Wieters tosses Ortiz aside like he's a toy. Ortiz is not a small man.
  7. I don't think there's anyone more famous than Frank Robinson when it comes to crowding the plate, and I don't think he ever felt the need to charge the mound. If you crowd the plate, you get hit sometimes. It's a free base!
  8. I get tired of seeing him. It's been so long now!
  9. "Big Game (For opposing hitters)" Hunter
  10. Because he wasn't, and never really has been since he was on the Dbacks.
  11. Suddenly, League Leader in goals!
  12. Longman/Swingman seems like his destiny, but I think he could be effective in the role.
  13. Seems like he needs to figure out what to do when they just come up swinging at everything. It's better than walking a ton, imo.
  14. This is just wrong. For the record, Davis made many great stretches through the game.
  15. He's pretty much way off or in the middle of the plate. It's not good.
  16. Mauer has just been owned tonight.
  17. Negative run differential? They won't be in first for long
  18. It's amazing that an average NL pitcher having a career year would struggle in the AL. :laughlol:
  19. We'll see how good they are once Lackey rolls out there today.
  20. I present: J.P. Arencibia, Master Catcher.
  21. Chris Davis is more than 1/7th of the way to 100 RBI... in 4 games.
  22. Now that they're done with the Red Sox series, I can go back to rooting for both teams to lose horribly each night, rather than just trade off losing horribly.
  23. There is a lot of power 2-8
  24. It's worth noting that DD is an absolute master at GM speak.
  25. C.C. may regain his arm strength through the course of the season, but with the way the lineup is right now, there's simply no margin for error for the Yankees and it may be too late. Such a shame
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