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  1. Just wish they would leave my baseball alone. If that's the strats the team and Manager wanna use, so be it. Already got that hippy shift that everyone loves doing now. And the DH should stay AL exclusive. Don't @ me!
  2. $Greatness$


    I'm personally jealous of this! Screw them Nationals. (Congrats though) I don't take sports THAT serious, but I'd probably cry if I ever saw the Orioles win a World Series. Nothing that I've ever seen in person compared to the playoff series against the Yankees in 2012. Even though Jim Johnson blew it in the 9th, that was by far one of the best Orioles experiences I've ever had down at the park. Could only imagine what it would feel like with a World Series win in Baltimore. The feels...
  3. Clayton Kershaw is trash, lol
  4. You're right! Get rid of all of em!
  5. What a disaster. If I never saw anyone from the bullpen again, I wouldn't be upset. Jeez almighty!
  6. I'm still salty about the Hess game. Orioles were playing for history in a season full of nothing. Still don't understand what it was going to hurt. We won't remember how many games we loss 40-2, but in a season full of ups and downs, we would have remembered that surgical no-hitter robbed from us on 4/1.
  7. Fry outchea trolling.
  8. Damn, sending well wishes to the G.O.A.T.
  9. At this point do anyone believe the Orioles are gonna purse another appeal? Looks like it would be wasted money given both outcomes. I won't pretend to know what's going on with the lawyer jargon, but sounds like the Orioles are getting mixture of playing themselves and getting finessed.
  10. Do you know what he's currently taking now? And if he was put back on Adderall if not already on it, will it help him reclaim his once short greatness?
  11. Damn, looks like the party is over. Gonna miss the Deputy and the fun first couple of years. Sad to see it end this way, but that's how life goes.
  12. Went to a few games as a child in the early 90s. Was a casual fan for the most part until '98-'99 that's when I really found my love for baseball and the O's.
  13. With the arrogance of Manfred and MLB, it wouldn't surprise me if they attempted such a thing. While I'm more inclined to believe the O's aren't going anywhere, I wouldn't be shocked whatsoever if they did.
  14. Man... this is all a business. If it makes business sense, the Orioles will be outta here on the first thing smoking. While I want to believe that the rich history of the Orioles will forever stay in Baltimore, the times have changed but the money game hasn't. I wouldn't be surprised if they stay or go. And all this "We're not going anywhere" is nothing more than coach speak. The Front Office isn't going to show their cards IF something is really in the workings. I just pray nothing is in the works because I love my O's.
  15. The Baltimore Colts incident was 3 years before I was born. Till this day, I can still hear the salt in the voices of those old Colt fans. I can't imagine my salt level if the Orioles were to leave Baltimore. I would probably be done with baseball altogether. Probably throw hands with Manfred because he's a part of the reason with this MASN hostage situation.
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