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  1. I can hear the fraudulence coming from his voice through the link sent. Like one of the above posters stated, I too don't care what comes out of Manfraud's mouth. And to @atomic he'll at least survive the season.
  2. Manfraud is the biggest of idiots. Glad Bauer spazzed on his goofy self.
  3. Super stupid. But it will be funny to see a team handpick their opponent and lose. The Cowboys did that to the Ravens to close out their old stadium and got dealt with. But I'm not a fan of this proposed playoff goofiness.
  4. Depends what you're looking for. I use a ton of places! Micro Center (For most PC related items) Walmart Newegg Amazon Just depends what you're going for. Got my TV from Best Buy.
  5. 2012 will forever hold a special place in my heart. It hold special value because it was completely unexpected. A friend and myself was having a conversation about the last game of 2011 when Andino hit that game-winner to eliminate the Redsox. We were like "I wish this celebration was for us going to the playoffs or World Series instead of this meaningless win". And then bam... 2012 happened. What a ride! 2014 just breaks my heart.
  6. We deserve a championship. I'm still angry about 2015 with Duquette committing sporting treason and trying to sell the world on Travis Synder. So to right the wrongs of yesteryear, I wanna hear Joe Buck joyfully yelling "And the Baltimore Orioles are champions again" ! Then hearing Orioles magic playing over the loud speaker. I seent it in mah dreamz!
  7. MASN would probably have a lot more viewers if that stupid blackout didn't exist and they started an app for streaming. Don't understand why these folks are leaving good money on the table!
  8. Just wish they would leave my baseball alone. If that's the strats the team and Manager wanna use, so be it. Already got that hippy shift that everyone loves doing now. And the DH should stay AL exclusive. Don't @ me!
  9. $Greatness$


    I'm personally jealous of this! Screw them Nationals. (Congrats though) I don't take sports THAT serious, but I'd probably cry if I ever saw the Orioles win a World Series. Nothing that I've ever seen in person compared to the playoff series against the Yankees in 2012. Even though Jim Johnson blew it in the 9th, that was by far one of the best Orioles experiences I've ever had down at the park. Could only imagine what it would feel like with a World Series win in Baltimore. The feels...
  10. Clayton Kershaw is trash, lol
  11. You're right! Get rid of all of em!
  12. What a disaster. If I never saw anyone from the bullpen again, I wouldn't be upset. Jeez almighty!
  13. I'm still salty about the Hess game. Orioles were playing for history in a season full of nothing. Still don't understand what it was going to hurt. We won't remember how many games we loss 40-2, but in a season full of ups and downs, we would have remembered that surgical no-hitter robbed from us on 4/1.
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