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  1. I've always respected AJ as a leader, and a total team player. I also agree that AJ has every right to veto the trade, for whatever reason he so chooses. If the proposed trade had been to NY or Boston, he'd be a hero.
  2. Welp, it's time for me to roll on out. Have a great evening.
  3. Adam has been consistent ..
  4. Good evening.. it seems my staying away did not help the O's. They still can't seem to do the basics anymore. I caught Trumbo's AB.. I don't think he swung at 1 pitch in the strike zone.
  5. He's getting his wish
  6. Why am I not surprised a certain SS committed an over-aggressive base running mistake?
  7. I live/work in Delaware, and the signal is iffy most times. Today was really clear (cloud cover?).. And it's Tuesday in Delaware.
  8. Good evening all.. Hey Roy, heard you on 105.7 today.. good job man! Have you ever done that before?
  9. I'm down on the O's because the strikeouts are continuing to mount, and too many players are being stranded on base. While that stuff happens, it's really hard to watch the whole team go from a 'slump' to a serious way of life for the O's. I don't know if it's the coach(es) are preaching to "remain with your strength" and not move runners over, or it's the players being selfish. Also, too many players are swinging for the fences with 2 strikes. Frustrated? YUP!
  10. This is absolutely horrible baseball. Sad as hell watching this crap.
  11. Any chance the rookie might have saved Tillman.. for another start?
  12. Is it also possible he is finally figuring out that if he is going to get MLB hitters out more consistently, he's gonna have to change speeds more often as well?
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