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  1. I definitely wouldn't trade Machado for any of the deadline names being bandied about this year. Too many question marks to justify giving away what will in all likelihood be at least an above-average, cost-controlled SS.
  2. My go-to daily-drinker (well, not every day) is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Crisp and refreshing enough to be sessionable, and yet the hop flavor is truly unique without being too bitter...an American classic! My Heavyweight Champ beer is Rogue (out of Oregon) Hazelnut Brown Nectar. A bit pricey, but its name says it all.
  3. Romero's ERA is up to 5.75! :eektf: What a difference a year makes.
  4. I'm torn as to whether I'd give up Schoop to get a Headley deal done. In many respects, as some posters have mentioned, Headley's road numbers are what we'd ideally hope that Schoop could put up some day. So, why not increase the likelihood of actually seeing that production by just dealing for a finished product now? Unfortunately, things don't usually work that simply. The NL-to-AL transition can be hard for even the most talented players, and would we really want to give up Schoop+ for what could potentially end up being entire year of mixed/below-average (for Headley) performance (half of his remaining time)? The way the Orioles have been playing recently, the prospect of having two above-average-to-great infielders come up together with fairly long term cost control in place seems like the better modus operandi.
  5. Oriology

    ESPN.com has WAR

    EDIT- They have oWAR and rWAR for batters, rWAR for pitchers. http://espn.go.com/blog/sweetspot/post/_/id/27050/what-we-talk-about-when-we-talk-about-war
  6. Baltimore Sports and Life is the shiz!
  7. "I'm a [Phillies, Red Sox, Yankees] fan, and I was offended by the behavior of certain Orioles fans towards me at OPACY."
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