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  1. Yup, this is where I was getting at. And didn’t mean for anyone to get riled up from this post, just felt like ranting hahaha
  2. No matter how good the Orioles will ever be, when nestled in downtown Baltimore attendance will never reach its peak. I’m a huge Orioles fan who has lived 15 minutes from Baltimore my whole life, but does anybody else not like the idea of traveling to the murder capital to watch an Orioles game? I know I know the area around Camden yards isn’t West Baltimore but it’s still not a great place to take your family. This might be more of a rant post, but just wanted to throw that out here. Side note, anyone wish we could just move Camden Yards to Annapolis hahah
  3. Which players from Triple A, and Double A have the best chance for the September Callups this year? Who would be your 15 players to bring up?
  4. Anyone know why Yaz and Glynn Davis haven't been playing recently?
  5. How is Glynn Davis not part of these four guys? He is the team leader in hits, second in doubles, second in RBI, leader in SB's, 2nd in TB's, and 2nd highest OPS (out of the regular every day players)... seems crazy he wouldn't be included!
  6. Add Glynn Davis to the 40-MAN!
  7. Its pretty funny that this is the topic of conversation right now. I was listening to Bordick when he said this, and just the week before I had said the same thing to the people at my house watching the game. Here's how it could happen. Markakis averages 185 hits in a season for his career. He is only 29 and already has over 1300 hits. If he just does his average for the next 10 years, then he will end up with 3154 hits. That would put him tied with George Brett and only 30 from Ripken. He would be ahead of guys like Gwynn, Boggs, and Kaline. If he also hit his average of 18 HRs, then
  8. I think we could have used Mark this year for sure....I mean if you're looking at the lineup I believe Reynolds is a better option at DH, then Steve Pearce.
  9. I like the fact that us as orioles fans have a place where the Orioles are always the topic of discussion no matter how great or how terrible the season is going. We still have a place to show our Orange and Black pride.
  10. Just for fun here is A-Rod's Minor League Stats for the whole year when he was 18: [ATTACH]1013[/ATTACH]
  11. he'll bulk up as the years go on...i mean Ken Griffey was only hitting 15-20 hrs a years for the first few years of his career...im not saying he's going to be a Griffey, I'm just saying that his power will improve
  12. that is just rediculuos to think they would do all that just because the Ravens have a pre-season game...away...and where starters only play like 1 quarter...the orioles game for me was a bigger game than the Ravens-Falcons even before they brought Machado up
  13. 1. Dylan Bundy 2. Manny Machado 3. Gausman 4. Schoop 5. Glynn Davis 6. Avery 7. Hoes 8. Delmonico 9. Wright 10. Rodriguez
  14. http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?pos=CF&sid=t488&t=p_pbp&pid=607974 CHECK OUT GLYNN DAVIS STATS FOR THE PAST 10 GAMES BATTING .349, 9 SB, 5 2B'S, crazy crazy:scratchchinhmm:
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