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  1. Ok....Barry Zito was the same age as Tillman when his career went off the cliff. Zito also had a much better track record of success. If SF did not owe him a ton of money he would never have pitched as long as he did. Anyone who watches baseball knows that some players age gracefully and others just fall off the proverbial cliff. One day they are a decent player then 2 years later they are that guy that people say....Hey whatever happened to (insert name). Some guys owed a ton of money cling on longer (Zito, Cliff Lee etc)
  2. No matter what happens from here on out, you kinda gotta tip your cap to this team. It would have been easy for the team to collapse under the weight of the atrocious starting pitching and swirling trade rumors. My guess is that Buck had a simple message. Play better, win and give them a reason to think otherwise. To the teams credit, whatever the reason, they have done exactly that. These are some scrappy dudes IMO. No team that had as bad a run of starting pitching as we did should be sniffing the playoffs and yet, here we are in striking distance now. That's some pretty cool stuff. Yea we can debate if they should have been sellers but hey, at least the team is making the most of the decision that was made.
  3. SteveO

    Is it?

    Given the options, I'll put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up. Then I can live with it if it is or if it is not lol
  4. Even though he had not been "King" Felix since coming back from the DL, I'll take it.
  5. 3.81 in 2016 with SF (not horrifying but not decent in the NL) 4.96 in 2015 with the CWS In 2014 he was good. Its not a perfect comparison but its not out of this world off base either IMO
  6. Dude has a 4.75 ERA in the National League. I would hardly call that still pitching decently
  7. In short....its how prospects get the chance to be more than prospects. Every year formerly good or respectable pitchers fall off the map. Some come back and rebound, some don't. Tillman could be either or As you point out though. It happens all the time.
  8. lol yup There are any number of one mans trash is another mans treasure in Baseball history. If we can happen to be on the good end of that instead of the bad end (Arrieta among others)....I'll take it lol DD does have a knack for finding guys like Beckham, Pearce and others who fill a role and do it pretty decently. If he had that same knack where it came to SP then we might have like 3-4 World Series trophies to gawk at
  9. Another guy who comes to mind is Joey Bats......course who knows how much of that was scenery and how much was other things
  10. Do you think there could be anything to the idea that if you take a guy who is talented but underachieving and now they are suddenly playing between two guys like Machado and Schoop in a new setting, with a new team, a quasi fresh start so to speak, sometimes that scenario can reawaken a guy who is struggling. Obviously the talent has to be there.
  11. No doubt. Totally agree. One year small money. Optimally we are talking about a 1 year deal for small enough money that if he comes out and looks like hot garbage then you just DFA him. If he rebounds then your getting a nice deal and some good numbers from your 5th starter. If someone wants to take a bigger risk than that on him...more power to them and good luck.
  12. If Manny signs on the dotted line to stay.....he can play anywhere he damn well pleases far as I am concerned lol. That's a problem I will be glad the team has to deal with cause it means Manny is sticking around
  13. It's certainly possible that Tillman will not bounce back and he will scuffle along another year or two before fading into baseball oblivion. Based on his history though, there is a chance he could bounce back. As pointed out in this thread, his FB velocity is around it's norm. Tillman would not be the first guy to sustain an injury, come back and just stumble through a lost season then bounce back somewhat to form the next. Only time will tell but I think its a bit premature to say he just "got bad" given the circumstances that have surrounded his season to date. His future is certainly questionable but I would take a flyer on him with a one year low money deal. Even if he gave you 80% of what he has before that would make for a decentish back of the rotation type guy on the cheap (veteran to boot).
  14. Oh to be a fly on the wall for some of that under the radar type stuff. Most likely,, as with most things, its some of this and some of that. Put your finger on one hole and the next one springs a leak. It's almost never as easy as identifying just one thing and fixing it.
  15. Personally I think his story with the Orioles will be dictated by how well he plays defensively. He is going to hit enough to be a pretty decent option at SS .....IF.....he can play well enough defensively. Sometimes you take a guy and put him around some stellar fielders like Schoop and Machado, their own game and concentration in this regard improves. Nothing motivates people more than a desire to not be an embarrassment lol. Beckham is no dummy, he knows how good those two are defensively. No doubt its an area he is paying special attention to.
  16. It pretty hard to deny that a number of guys have had success once leaving this organization. Who knows if Bridwell will stick for any length of time? No matter what though, he has given the Angels good solid valuable innings, something that we could have used. It bugs me that they were able to get that out of a guy we thought so little of, we just outright sold the guy to them. Not sure where the real issues lay with pitcher development. I am sure many of you are far more educated in that regard. I do believe though this is an issue that needs to be addressed.
  17. He certainly was not this bad in years past. At the right price on a one year flyer I would be a player for Tillman. He could rebound and as long as the cost is low enough, you can always DFA him if he continue to be hot garbage. Far as the rest of those names(Milley, Ubaldo) ....thanks but no thanks.
  18. It's all about the starting pitching IMO. They don't even need to sustain the level they have as of late. They simply need to be good enough to keep them in games and give their bats a chance to win. Also not overtaxing the bullpen would be nice . A month ago I would have given the O's a 10% chance or less based on just how god awful the SP was. Now .....50/50%
  19. Ty total brain fart there lol
  20. Wow Roy, thanks for sharing that story. It was one that I was not aware of and I love hearing about the human side of these athletes. We cheer and boo at players based on their performance on the field. I think we sometimes forget there is so much more to a person than ANY one thing they do. Far to often we forget that these guys are human beings and the fact that they are athletes does not make them immune to those things that impact our lives also. I still have high hopes for Hunter. Injuries happen, Bundy has overcome them to a large degree and hopefully so can Hunter. Sounds like this kid deserves some good luck and fortune......here is hoping it comes his way.
  21. I completely screwed that up. I did not mean to vote for Bridwell....doh sorry
  22. I hated this trade. I had no expectation that Beckham would make the Orioles appreciably better than say Tejada out there. Yea his stats looked a little nicer but they were not exactly great statistics and his defensive reputation left a little to be desired. I am man enough to admit when I am way wrong and it appears that I was most certainly that. I doubt he is able to sustain even close to this level of play but the fact he has the ability to put up some crooked numbers as he has since arriving seems to suggest that there could be some upside to this kid from what he had demonstrated with the Rays. Time will tell but certainly he could end up being a nice little pick up with plenty of team control left. Honestly I thought this team was dead in the water, primarily because of the level of starting pitching we had been seeing. KG seems to have found himself, Bundy seems to have gotten a second wind, the rest of the rotation is doing enough to give this teams bats a chance to win games and they have been doing exactly that. Now only a 1 1/2 game out of the wild card, I do find myself thinking.....what if the pitching can hold up? If it can I think we have a pretty good shot at this thing.
  23. This..... Beckham is not good with the glove which is why I hated the move to get him. JJ may not hit a lick but at least he is reliable defensively.
  24. Well if that is the plan, it would be nice to see them signed long term. Building around 2 pieces you only control in the short term is not to bright given how difficult Manny will be to sign. Lets say you get Manny inked. I am having a real tough time seeing how you fill in a rotation behind Gausman and Bundy. If I were the Orioles I would take my best shot at Manny between now and the first week of the end of the season. If we are not even remotely close to getting something done then Manny HAS to be traded. To not do so is so far beyond stupid it's not even funny. If you get Manny inked then see what you can move to bring in some pitching help. If you don't then you get to work on Schoop right now before we end up in the same stupid situation with him as well. You then try to build around guys like him, KG, Bundy, Mancini and perhaps Cisco. The one thing you cannot do is ....not sign Manny to a deal and not trade him either. If that happens it might be among the dumbest moves in baseball history IMO. You can't let an asset of that value just walk and get nothing of value back.
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